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HOW do pompons of packages

The more packages - the more magnificent pompom

Multi-colored plastic pompons love the fans of sports teams. Among them there are even competitions and pompom of a certain color is a sign of recognition.

The ability to make pom-poms of the packages can be extremely helpful if you urgently need an impromptu carnival costume.

You will need

  • - Multicolored pakety-
  • - nozhnitsy-
  • - Line:
  • - ball pen-
  • - Adhesive tape (preferably transparent) -
  • - Foil or colored paper to decorate.



Carved out of the box package. Perhaps it will take to cut the handles and bottom. Try to use the maximum number of films. From one of the longest sections, measure 8-10 cm pen. You can do it with a ruler and draw a straight line with a ballpoint pen. The second long side mark into pieces 1 cm wide and comb notch, a little dorezaya to handle.


Pompon can be made of a single packet, butit will look very unpresentable. Better to take a few more packages of the same size as the first, to identify the place for them to handle and divide the opposite direction on the same segments. Will the packs of the same color or different, depending on what they need. Fans of sports teams are often required-color pom-poms, and you can use any for an impromptu clown costume. Pompon is the more magnificent, the more packages you put together.


Gently fold packages, combining all sides. Roll into a tight thin polyethylene tube. Handle Wrap tape. Pompon is ready, it remains only to give it the desired shape, ie fluff.


Extremely impressive look pompons foil. Better to take the foil, polyethylene-based. Make pompons a variety of ways, including the way of the packages. The foil is cut into rectangles, planned space for pens, then the opposite edge is cut fringe. But foil quite often sold in rolls, and then the other would be a simpler method.


Expand the roll of foil and place it on the table. Schedule one of the long sides, which will handle. The opposite side of a cut fringe, and then re-roll and twist the knob Wrap tape.


Sometimes you need to attach a plastic pompoma suit. In this case, the strip for the handle should be very short, no more than 2 cm. Pierce handle awl in four places and sew pompom made of polyester thread.


At sporting events such pomponsoften waving fans. It will be much easier if you make a wooden or plastic handle. They are simply glued into the plastic tube with tape.

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