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HOW do paraffin

Paraffin bath - excellent means of preserving youth hands

Paraffin - Nice of cosmetic procedures.

The gentle warmth of hot wax on the skin has a wonderful effect, rejuvenating, softening it by eliminating the effect of peeling and giving a satiny smoothness.

Paraffin - a procedure to date is very popular in beauty salons.

But it can be done at home.

Most often, paraffin baths are used for hand care.

You will need

  • - Cosmetic parafin-
  • - Steam Banja
  • - dishes-
  • - Scrub, soap-
  • - Plastic bags (2 pieces) -
  • - Fur or terry gloves.



Put the wax in a water bath, put a piece ofin the pan with high walls (preferably enameled). Wait until it is completely melted (in this case its temperature reaches 50-55 degrees optimum).


While the wax is melted, prepare for the procedure. Wash your hands with plain soap and then treat them skin scrub. Then apply a moisturizer on your palm.


Mindful of the king, who "bang the pot - and it is welded," do not be discouraged in the paraffin immediately. Spend test "temperaturoterpimost" dropping molten wax on the back of his hand.


If the experiment has not delivered discomfortDip the brush into paraffin on the wrist for 10 seconds. Take out, hold a few seconds (the wax hardens slightly), soak again. Repeat the procedure with pogruzheniem- "ascent" 6-8 times. Brush while covered with a thick layer of paraffin mass.


Then put on the brush covered with paraffinpolyethylene, top - dressing (wool) gloves (you can simply wrap a warm towel) and about half an hour of bliss. After half an hour, remove the gloves, polyethylene, gently remove wax (direction - from the brush to the base of the fingers). All the procedure is completed.

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