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How to foam

Foam - a versatile material that is used for various purposes - for depreciation and preservation of fragile items, for sound and heat insulation, and for many other things.

Craft foam can own hands at home, if you have a home workshop and polystyrene beads.

You will need a fairly large amount of beads of polystyrene to get a good foam.



The essence of the foam manufacturing technology -inflated balls, which are then glued together. To do this, you need a source of hot steam. Heat polystyrene balls, until they begin to swell and grow in size.


Heat balls by first placing them inthe form which should then take your foam sheet. Beads swell when they begin to stick together, and eventually take the form of your container in which you put them. During heating, the balls of which will be allocated to formaldehyde, so work only in a ventilated area and wear a respirator for safety.


Wait until the cooling Styrofoam mass. Prepared in a similar way, the foam can turn brittle and of poor quality, so if you have the proper equipment, you can try to make a foam of improved technology.


For the production of carbamide foam plasticPrepare a solution by mixing water at room temperature with a catalyst for curing and foaming agent. Start the mechanical installation for the production of foam, and then pour into a container installation resin, and in another - the resulting solution.


On the set input is supplied with compressed air, afterwhich run the pumps and valves are opened and the resin containers with the solution. The prepared form fill foamy mass, and then dry it. Ready foam, remove from the molds and cut into his fishing line or string. Drying time foam is 1-3 days.

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