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How to make a newsletter


Mailing list is a powerful promotion tool addressed to the end user.

But one creation of the mailing is not enough: in order to maintain the interest of the user audience, the process should be regular, and the content - interesting and relevant.

How to make a newsletter. Theme and title

Ideally, the newsletter must matchThe direction of the website. It is important that the mailing list organizer understands the topic at a professional level. You can do newsletter, and then use news and articles to fill your resource with useful content.

Each mailing must have an originalThe name, which is a kind of guidebook for subscribers. The name should be concise, but capacious. If the newsletter is targeted at a Russian-speaking audience, then it's better not to use foreign words in the title.

How to make a newsletter. Mail servers

The topic and periodicity of the mailing is determined. The next step is selecting the mail server with which the main job will be performed (subscription, statistics and distribution). Independently do not need to send a mailing to the user: his participation is limited to the preparation of information within the deadlines announced to subscribers.

There are many postal services on the InternetServers, among which there are large & ndash; with an audience of over one million, and smaller ones. The user is not limited in the choice, so nothing prevents the organization of distribution through several mail services at the same time. The integrated approach in the long term provides the maximum number of subscribers, and also gives an opportunity to earn additional bonuses, which are provided to their clients by almost all large electronic mail services.

How to attract new subscribers and retain existing

The success of the event largely depends on the quality andRelevance of information. It must necessarily be interesting and useful. Effective method to diversify the mailing & ndash- live dialogue with subscribers in the feedback mode. For example, answers to questions of interest to readers. And the author of the mailing list and other subscribers can provide their own answers.

Practice shows that increased attentionThey use mailings in which interviews with well-known people are periodically published, whose competent opinion and vision is always interesting to the average citizen.

To orient the reader, and in the future to interest him, it will be effective to announce the following newsletter. Stimulate subscribers need contests, lotteries, other bonus programs.

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