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How does diabetes

How does diabetes

Diabetes - a group of diseasesendocrine system, developing as a result of deficiency of the hormone insulin. Diabetes - a serious condition that requires treatment and constant monitoring of the patient's lifestyle.

It is important to be able to recognize the symptoms of diabetes.



Distinguish diabetes first and second type. In the first case there is a violation of the pancreas, of which insulin production ceases. In the second type of diabetes the pancreas cells produce insulin, but it does not allow glucose to enter the cells, or it provides insufficient quantities. Diabetes of the first type often develops in children and young people. The second type is typical for people over 35-40 years.


The main symptom of diabetes isconstant thirst. Patients are able to drink three to five liters of water and more, but it does not bring them relief. They feel dry mouth and continue to consume fluid.


Against the backdrop of increased water use becomes more frequent andurination. The patient feels the urge to visit the bathroom during both day and night. The ancient Indians noticed that the urine of sick people attracted ants. The thing is that together with the liquid from the body displays the glucose, which attracts insects.


One symptom of diabetes is the first typeweight loss. At the same time a person eats as usual, but the weight still continues to fall. In patients with Type II diabetes, in contrast, typically there is an increased appetite and obesity.


Diabetes mellitus is accompanied by pruritus. Most women suffer from it. Their discomfort is usually concentrated in the genital area.


For the patient with diabetes mellitus is characterized byfatigue. It is difficult to perform the exercise and the running of the disease, even the usual household chores or work becomes too much for him. Diabetic constantly sleepy, it requires a lot more rest than usual.


Slow healing of wounds - another sign of diabetes. Any bruise or a scratch on the body of a sick person would take a long time - much longer than it was before the illness.


If, despite all of the symptoms, the patient does notgo to the doctor and begin treatment, the disease manifests itself on. In diabetic nausea and vomiting from his mouth smells like acetone, a person becomes sluggish and inhibited, often faints.


Signs of the first type of diabetes expressed muchbrighter than the second type. For the latter notable for typically less, because the lack of insulin is not absolute but relative. However, this type of disease and is less dangerous than the first type of diabetes.

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