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How to make a cap


How to make a cap</a>

Previously, every child knew what a pilot's watch looked like - the traditional headdress of military pilots.

Today, the pilot's cap is no longer associated with a military uniform, but with a children's suit - a pilot's cap can be called a worthy element of a children's holiday dress, which will decorate any matinee.

It also happens that a whole group of childrenPrepares for a performance or sketch, in which each child needs a hat. You can get out of the situation very simply - make several caps from paper at once.

They will turn out to be strong and durable, and perhaps, children will be able to use them in other skits.



Take a large enough rectangular sheetPaper and place it in front of you vertically. Then bend the sheet of paper in half, aligning the longitudinal edges. Unfold the sheet and bend it again, but not vertically, but horizontally.


After making a horizontal central fold, bendThe lateral edges of the sheet to the inflection line. Then take the upper corners of the workpiece and bend them inward. Spread the corners. Obtain the resulting rectangle several times, then bend back the edges and flip the resulting shape.


Re-bend the rectangle several times. Ready Capstone Expand, unfold the bottom pocket, and thenGive it a three-dimensional shape - just squeeze the upper part of it slightly, flattening the upper edge of the fold. Thus, the pilot's cap will resemble a real headdress.


In order for the cap to fit you orYour child, prepare a fairly large sheet of paper - from a sheet of A4 size will be too small product. You need a larger format - for example, A3 or A2.


You can give a paper made of paper, not only to your children, but also to your friends, to entertain them on your birthday or on a corporate holiday.

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