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How to cap

Previously, every child knew how to forage cap looks - the traditional headdress of military pilots.

Today forage cap is not associated with the military uniform, and with children's costume - cap can be safely called a worthy element of children's holiday attire that complements any matinee.

It is also the case that a group of childrenready for action or a skit in which every child needs a headdress. You can get out of the situation is very simple - fabricate multiple forage caps made of paper.

They are obtained strong and durable, and it is possible, children will be able to use them in other sketches.



Take a fairly large rectangular sheetpaper and place it in front of a vertically. Then bend a sheet of paper in half, aligning the longitudinal edges. Unfold the sheet and bend it again, but not vertically, but horizontally.


Having a central horizontal fold, bendthe side edges of the sheet to the line of inflection. Then take the upper corners of the blank and bend them inwards. Flatten the corners. The resulting rectangle bend a few times, and then bend back edges and invert the resulting shape.


Re-fold the rectangle several times. Finished cap straighten, expand the bottom pocket and thengive it a three-dimensional shape - a little push into the upper part, priplyusnuv upper edge of the fold. Thus, field cap will resemble a real head-dress.


To garrison cap approached the size of your oryour child zagotovte a large enough piece of paper - a sheet of A4 will be too little product. You will need a larger format - for example, A3 or A2.


Caps made of paper, you will be able to present not only their children but also their friends, to entertain them in the day of birth or corporate events.

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