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How to make a cabinet


How to do a wardrobe</a>

Sliding wardrobes are very popular. This is understandable.

The closet is an excellent replacement for the classic closet.

It looks perfect in any interior.

Put it in the bedroom, hallway, living room and you will see how profitable it is to use the available space in the house.

You will need

  • Drawing, boards, screws, metal corners, castors



Identify the place where the closet will be located. Prepare the drawings. Also, you will need laminated boards from chipboard, metal corners and screws. In our case, there are three boards - 1500X600, two - 2000X600, one - 1350X600, three - 325X600, one - 1500X300, three - 300X400.


Put the board (1500X600) on the floor. Fix to it and to the wall two side boards. Mount it with a dowel and corners.


Make a construction of six boards. Fix corners and screws with two horizontal boards (1500X600), one vertical (1350X600) and three vertical ones as shelves (325X600). Place the structure in place and secure it to the floor and wall. Secure the upper shelves.


If the closet will be located in the opening,Bottom and sides of the opening, fix the narrow boards. Thus, the opening will look more attractive. With the help of self-tapping screws, lower the lower guide in parallel with the upper guide. Do not forget to use the level, otherwise the curvature of the doors can not be avoided.


Place the doors by placing the guide on top of them. When the finished construction will be in its place, watch the door wheels. They must go to the lower guide.


In the closet should be provided at leastOne section under the shelves. There will be a place for bags, umbrellas, gloves, etc. Two compartments for clothing and one under the shelves is the minimum equipment for cabinets of this type. As for doors, their number should not exceed the number of sections. In addition, one of the doors is desirable to make a mirror.

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