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HOW do round Baubles

How to round Baubles

Baubles - a bright homemade bracelets, woven of woolen threads, floss, thin ribbons or beads. They can be a wonderful memorable gift for close friends.

Round fenechki weaving differ from other embodiments in that the bracelet is the volume pigtail cylindrical shape.

You will need

  • - Two satin ribbons contrasting colors-
  • - bulavka-
  • - A needle with a wide eye.



Get two in satin crafts shopcontrasting color ribbon width of 5 mm and a length of 2 or 2.5 meters. Tapes fold in half to determine their center, and seal it with a pin in a position crosswise. Do not forget to singe the ends of the ribbons over a candle to their edges are not disbanded.


One end of the tape on the bottom ofcrosshairs, get on top of the belt in a contrasting color. The same operation was repeated with the second half of the tape. Then bend the other end of the first ribbon and do the same thing with the second tape. As a result, you should have a figure similar to the two interlaced letters S, angled 90 degrees to each other.


Gently tighten the knot, making sure that the tape is not folded in weaving. You should have a square with a side of about 1 cm.


Remove the pin and continue weaving. Successively tighten the knots, following the techniques described above. Make sure that the tape is not to turn out on the wrong side.


Adjust the tension force during weaving. If you strongly tighten knots, you get a very dense and hard Fenichka small diameter. The result will be a free weave volume and elastic band, which, if desired, can be used as a decorative rubber bands for hair.


Dopletite Fenichka to the desired length. Take the needle with a wide eye. Ideal for cross stitch needle with a blunt tip. Hook needle at the top at the beginning of the tape weaving. The needle should pass it under the cloth and not to pierce it. Take one of the ribbons from the other end Baubles, thread it into the needle eye and pull out.


Once again, slip the needle at the top at the beginning of the tapeweaving. Do not pierce the fabric. Thread the needle in a different color ribbon, and also remove it next to the first. Tighten the ribbon and tie a flirtatious bow. Fenichka ready.

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