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How to make minus one


How to make minus one</a>

From time to time for vocal trainings,Karaoke, musical accompaniment of slide shows and presentations, and for other actions, a person needs a minus one of a certain song. Minuses of many compositions are on the Internet, but sometimes it is not possible to find a minus one of the desired song, and we have to do it ourselves.

In this article, you will learn how to make a music minus one using Adobe Audition.



Install and run the program, and thenMake several copies of your music track in the same folder. Is it enough to have four copies? For low, medium, high frequencies, and a copy of the original.


Open all the copies in the program window and highlightTrack original sound. Select the sound wave corresponding to the given track, and right-click on the selection. Select the section "Filters" in the menu? And select? Extract? Center channel to open the extraction settings window.


Adjust the slider?The level of the center channel ?, to adjust the volume, and? Discrimination settings ?, to adjust the width of the cut. Periodically listen, what turns out, pressing the button "View". When the result suits you, click OK.


Now select the copy of the track you selectedFor low frequencies. Select the sound wave again and select the? Scientific filters ?, by selecting the filter? Butterworth ?. Set the cutoff frequency to 800Hz and listen to the track with the "View" button. Achieve such an effect that the votes were as small as possible, and there were no instrumental losses at all.


Do the same actions with the rest of the track, editing the middle frequencies in? Bandwidth? And setting the value to 800-6000Hz. Cut out the central channel everywhere.


After all the tracks are cut toFrequencies, select in the menu? Multitrack? And drag each file onto your track, placing them on top of each other, without delay. Listen to the resulting minus clip with the? Play? Button, if necessary, correct the equalizer by raising the middle frequencies, and save the mixed multitrack to an MP3 file.

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