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HOW do backing tracks

How to backing tracks

From time to time for vocal training,karaoke, background music and slide show presentations, and other activities, a person needs Minusovka any particular song. Minus the set of compositions is on the Internet, but sometimes find minus the desired song is not possible, and you have to do it yourself.

In this article you will learn how to do minus one song using the program Adobe Audition.



Install and run the program, and thenMake several copies of your music track in the same folder. Suffice it to four copies? for the low, mid, treble, and a copy of the original.


Open all copies of the program window and selecttrack the original sound. Select a sound wave corresponding to this track, and right-click on the selection. Select the section of the menu? Filters? and select? Extract? the center channel to retrieve the settings window opened.


Adjust the slider?The level of the center channel to adjust the volume ?, and? Settings ?, discrimination to adjust the width of the cut. Periodically, listen to what is obtained by pressing the? View ?. When you are satisfied with the result, click OK.


Now select the copy of the track that you have chosenfor low frequencies. Again select the sound wave and choose? Scientific Filters ?, said filters? Butterworth ?. Set 800Hz cutoff frequency and listen to the track button? View ?. Achieve this effect to the voices as small as possible, and thus the loss of tool did not exist.


The same actions proceed with the rest of the track copies, editing medium frequency? Bandwidth? and setting the 800-6000Hz. Cut all the center channel.


After all the tracks will be cut byfrequencies, select from the menu? Multi-Track? and drag each file on your track by placing them on top of each other, without delay. Listen to the resulting minus button? Play ?, if necessary, adjust the equalizer, lifting up the mids, and save the mixed multitrack in MP3-file.

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