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How does art photos

How to make art photos

You have got a camera and started shooting at him, hoping for excellent results.

But for some reason it goes much rather boring and monotonous pictures? Dont be upset.

There are basic rules of the art of photography, which will allow you to get great shots pretty quickly.

Properly selected mode

Typically, novice amateur photographers to shootautomatic mode. This means that features such as aperture and shutter speed, the camera will expose itself by measuring the lighting conditions. On many cameras there are special modes such as portrait, landscape, group shots, and others. They are a little better suited for specific subjects.
Yet, if you really want to bepictures with beautiful color, proper lighting and high definition, you will have to master the manual settings. Read the instructions in your camera, there is always described in detail how to expose these settings. Remember that even the best on the subject and composition of the frame is beautiful, if it went badly from the point of view of field and exposure.


Track - this is how you have itemswithin a frame. Use of the composition rules can even automatically, and you will immediately get good pictures. There are a few simple rules.
Do not place the horizon in the middle. It is almost always looks bored.
Use the rule of thirds: mentally divide the space into three equal parts horizontally and vertically by three parts. For clarity, try to draw it on paper, you will understand at once what it was about. Place the horizon at a distance of one-third from the top or bottom of the frame, and the most meaningful and meaning-elements - at the intersections of the lines - that there are so-called visual image centers.
Try not to "overwhelm" the horizon. This means that at the time of the shooting, you should hold the camera parallel to the ground, then the horizon turns flat and not filled up one side of a few degrees. Typically, the cells can customize the display of the guide in the viewfinder, on which you can navigate.
Of course, it can be arranged at an angle of the horizon when it comes to your artistic intent. Usually, the best value is about 30 degrees or slightly more.

Conversation recording

If you're shooting a portrait of a person, do not be afraid to come closer to him. Face and shoulders should occupy most of the frame, but the eyes are located far away from the visual centers.
When shooting landscape, try to cover the frame likepossible plans. This means that you can include as closely spaced, and deleted items. For example, a small flower on the background of high-rise buildings will give a snapshot of depth and will demonstrate the contrast of sizes.

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