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How does allergy to shampoo

How does allergy to shampoo

No shampoo today inconceivable hair care.

It not only cleans the hair and scalp of dirt and natural fat, but it also helps to strengthen the hair.

However, all the positive properties of this cosmetic product can cause severe allergic reactions, because a lot of different components in its composition, including flavors and stabilizers.



The cause of the allergic reaction toshampoo bowl is all idiosyncrasy of being a part of the component. Moreover, it may not necessarily be a preservative - natural substances are also able to trigger allergies. However, most unpleasant consequences arise nevertheless from various fragrances or dyes that are added to the shampoo to make it more flavorful and memorable. That's why you should not use too bright and foaming agents - natural substances can rarely create such an effect.


Using the wrong shampoo can lead notOnly tangled and dry hair, but severe allergic reactions. The latter is usually manifested by itching of varying intensity, dandruff, redness and rashes on the scalp or face more intense hair loss. In severe cases, the skin a feeling of burning, runny nose and watery eyes.


especially on allergy shampoo that itobvious symptoms may not appear immediately after shampooing, and occur a few days later. That is why it is important as soon as possible to draw attention to the first signs of allergy, whether it's just a slight redness on the scalp or barely noticeable discomfort. In this case, it is desirable to immediately stop using this tool, do not forget to thoroughly rinse hair with warm water several times.


Quickly eliminate the first signs of allergyIt helps decoction of chamomile flowers - it has a calming effect. They are useful to rinse hair for a few days. In severe cases, it is also useful to take a pill "Tavigila" or "suprastin". If an allergy does not pass, should consult an allergist or dermatologist though, because the disease can sometimes acquire chronic and deliver a lot of inconvenience in the future.


To maximize hedge against allergieson the shampoo, it is best to use the funds on the basis of plant extracts. But before that it is necessary to familiarize with the components that are included in the shampoo, especially if you are allergic to any substance. Also useful to first conduct tolerance test shampoo. To do this, apply a small amount of product on hand and wait a few minutes - if redness, itching or other unpleasant sensations have arisen, you can try to wash your hair with shampoo data.

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