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Allergies - is an individual intolerance of any of components. There is such a disease can be totally unexpected for a person.

Allergic reaction to soap may be related to many factors.

Rules of selection of cosmetics is necessary to remember, even those who had never encountered such a disease.



The first symptom is allergic to soappeeling of the skin and the appearance of the contraction effect. At this sign, many do not pay attention and continue to use the selected tool. Repeated contact with unbearable body components there is a reddening of the skin. The inflammation may be accompanied by a slight itching.


Gradually the soap allergy symptomsin another stage. Redness of the skin becomes more distinct, unpleasant sensations are amplified, and the affected areas of the skin may appear even bleeding wounds.


Allergic reaction is usually appears onsoap-treated areas of the skin, but may spread throughout the body. At the slightest suspicion of an allergy by means of application used is better to refuse.


If you have washed with soap, and then feltnasal congestion and watery, these symptoms may also be signs of an allergic reaction to the components of soap. After this effect, inspect your skin carefully. Even slight redness indicate that allergies you have used it in the vehicle.


When choosing soap, pay attention to its structure. If you know about the intolerance of certain components of your body, initially refuse the purchase money from their content. For example, if you are allergic to aloe, chamomile or glycerol, the corresponding mark on the packaging should not be ignored in any case.


If you regularly use soap, but ita certain type of allergy you are experiencing, try to find in stores means a mark of hypoallergenic. Such varieties of soap there is a huge number of different manufacturers.

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