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How does allergic to breast milk

How does allergic to breast milk

Breast milk - the basic and natural baby food.

Today, however, fairly common situation where young mother said that the child more and more appear red moist spots and other skin irritation.

And increasingly, in response to their concerns, they heard from the doctor that the child is allergic to breast milk.

Lactase deficiency - enougha common problem today. Suspected intolerance to breast milk the baby can be on several grounds. If, in addition to rashes on the skin of the baby becomes restless, poorly gaining weight, almost no sleep, as well as suffering from the diarrhea, the constipation, there is speculation that he had developed intolerance to eating habits.

Why there is allergic to breast milk

Breast milk - is the most valuable anduseful product for just born baby, as soon as all the most necessary items are included in its composition. It is proved that the breast milk of every woman has a unique composition, as genetically adapted to the needs of her baby is. Micro and macro elements, vitamins, enzymes and much more - all this helps to set up a stomach baby in the right rhythm and pace of work. In addition, breast milk - it is the best tool for the establishment and strengthening of neonatal immunity.

Breast milk can alter its composition, adjusting the content of the substances in which the baby needs most. Therefore, the composition of this unique product is always different.

Doctors believe that allergy to todaybreast milk appears more often because of the development progress. After all, today in the stores on the shelves you can find a huge amount of products with chemical ingredients that have a negative impact on human health.

Allergy in a child does not develop itself in the milk,and in some of its components. Typically, this can be various preservatives which fall food mother first and then passed through baby milk.

To protect themselves from these components is difficult since today they are even safe enough for the type of products - cottage cheese, yogurt, etc.

First, the child appears on the skin irritation. And then, if not in time to start the treatment, the situation is aggravated and reaches its critical point. And if the manifestation of the first signs to maintain breastfeeding during treatment is still possible, after it will be harder to do. That is why it is very important to start to treat lactase deficiency as soon as possible.

What should I do to keep breastfeeding, and to get rid of allergies

The first step is the mother go on a diet. all harmful products should be excluded as much as possible. Furthermore, it is desirable to carefully read all packaging products to take only those in which no colorants, emulsifiers, and other additives. Often recommended for women to exclude from your diet all dairy products, because Lactase deficiency greatly aggravates the cow's milk protein.

We'll have to make a food diary, through which you can keep track of what the child has allergies, and in what form it was.

Sometimes doctors recommend to transfer the child to mixed feeding, ie, keeping the breast, add special hypoallergenic mixture.

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