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How is an allergy to alcohol


With any alcoholic allergy - acquired or hereditary - you absolutely can not drink alcohol</a>

Allergy to alcohol is a very common phenomenon. Its main reason is not so much in ethyl alcohol as in the products of its breakdown in the body.

In addition, allergens - dyes, flavors, polyphenols, used in the production of hot drinks.

The range of allergic reactions is very wide - from minor skin redness to Quincke's edema, suffocation and anaphylactic shock.

You will need

  • - mirror-
  • - Tonometer-
  • - thermometer



At the use of vodka the person, a neck canCover with red spots, swell. Possible runny nose, unbearable itching, severe headache, skin peeling, blood pressure changes. Especially dangerous are "sipped" drinks. In counterfeits, there are many harmful impurities such as acetaldehyde, methanol, isoamyl alcohol and other poisons. Such an explosive mixture is usually called fusel oil. Especially a lot of them in moonshine.


Although the fortress of champagne and wines is significantlyLess, but they can cause the same allergic reactions as vodka. Together with grapes, these drinks contain strong allergens: sulfurous anhydride, pesticides, mold. They contain a lot of dyes and stabilizers, especially in cheap products. Allergies can also be caused by extracts of herbs on which many brands of wine, cognacs and balsam insist.


Abuse of beer is fraught with the development of heavyAutoimmune-allergic syndrome, which not only causes diarrhea, rashes all over the body, but also provokes arthritis, colitis. Beer is barley malt, yeast and hops. Because of the hops, rhinitis, conjunctivitis, hives and even bronchial asthma can occur. A yeast causes sneezing, nausea, shortness of breath, diarrhea, hives.


Allergy to alcohol is harmless only at firstsight. It develops gradually, very long and imperceptibly. Often a person does not even suspect that she has it. But when her symptoms become formidable, she already inflicts crushing blows on internal organs. First of all, on the liver, kidneys, brain cells, heart. Therefore, it is so important to identify allergies on time!


So, you should be alerted if, on time orAfter taking alcohol, there are such symptoms: redness or rash on individual parts or all over the body, dryness, peeling, cracking, pruritus, puffiness of the upper parts of the trunk-lachrymation, runny nose, sneezing-headaches-pressure drops, body temperature- heart palpitations-difficulty Breathing, attacks of suffocation.

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