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How alcohol affects sports

How does alcohol affect the exercise

Health, doctors say, is supported by regular exercise and lack of bad habits. But what happens if you combine the good and evil?

What effect does alcohol in the blood of the effectiveness of training?



Professional sport requires the athletemaximum benefit, regular exercise and a careful diet compliance. For an athlete follows a team of trainers and doctors who constantly give advice on the choice of products. Of course, to have bad habits in this way of life is simply unthinkable. Another thing - amateur sports or fitness activities to preserve the shape. Many people go to the clubs to communicate and know that I understand the coach always forgive them if "today they are not in uniform," and not condemned for missing a couple of glasses yesterday. But doctors say that go to the gym after a feast definitely not worth it.


The thing that keeps the alcoholpresence in the body for several hours. The more was drunk the day before, the higher the concentration of alcohol in the blood. If a young healthy person not suffering from a hangover, and almost does not notice the effects of yesterday's drinking, it does not mean that the spirits had to withdraw from the body. For example, 100 grams of vodka to get rid of the body is not less than 4 hours. Therefore, on the day before training alcohol is strictly contraindicated: maybe present state of fatigue and lethargy, loss of attention, fatigue and dizziness. In some sports, such symptoms could lead to injury. Drinking alcohol, it is not necessary to engage and aerobic exercise: it is very bad for the heart.


To relax after a fruitful training betterall in the sauna or swimming pool, but not a glass of strong drink. The fact is that after a good workout body running in emergency mode, as if continuing sports, so the alcohol can also be bad for health. In addition, alcohol causes dehydration, which is already lost "seven pots" in an aerobics class.


Those who follow the figure, it is useful to know thatalcoholic beverages, adopted the day before training or immediately after it, reducing the effect of class to almost zero, so that no mnogokillogrammovye dumbbells or long races on kardiodorozhke not bring the desired effect.

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