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How to do a reverse grip on the bar

How to do a reverse grip on the bar

Exercises on the bar helps athletes to form a muscular corset, straighten your posture, increase strength and endurance.

One of the basic exercises on the bar is a "reverse grip".


The peculiarity of the reverse grip is"Non-standard" alignment of hand. It is necessary to lay your hands on the bar with his hands to his face. Hands should be shoulder width apart. Then you need to take a breath and tightened so that the neck was at least on par with the bar. Ideally, it is desirable to raise the body even higher.
"Reverse grip" promotes the broadestback muscles, biceps and shoulder muscles. You can not do exercise in spurts, it is necessary to eliminate the inertia and do pull-ups due to the efforts of the arms and back. Many athletes perform "reverse grip" provides much simpler than the "classic" pull-ups with hands on the bar "on behalf". The fact that different groups of muscles work in these exercises. it is desirable for the harmonious development of alternate "classical" training with a "reverse".

training strategy

Working approaches will allow you to last longer and more efficiently"Work" on the bar than in the approach "to the maximum". The amount of repetitions in the working approach is calculated as 70-80% of the record ascents reverse grip. If you moved up 20 times, it makes sense to catch 3-4 sets of 14-16 times.
You can also alternate the workoutclassic "reverse grip" with workouts narrow "reverse grip", in which the hands are located at a distance of 15-25 cm from each other. Thus you will be able to use additional muscles of the back and chest.


You can evaluate the results in the sport only afterany time. So, if you work out 1-2 months to 3 times a week, with the proper computation you may feel a surge of strength, muscle growth on the arms and back, reducing the fatty layers.
"Workouts Blog" can also help greatlynovice athlete. Record any changes in his height and weight, the number of sets of days, a nutrition program. Track your work will draw lessons from all the positive and negative aspects of training.

helpful hints

Muscles do not grow during exercise and during recovery. Proper nutrition, sleep and "useful lazy" during the holiday no less important than the intensity of the exercises on the horizontal bar.
Motivation for training can give"Rivalry" for the number of repetitions or the number of approaches to your peers. Pulling up to the tournament counted only if the chin in the upper phase is above the crossbar.
The greater the number of repetitions help to make leather gloves to protect your hands from blisters. Particularly relevant for the protection of the hands of beginners, which blisters can reduce sports enthusiasm to nothing.

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