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HOW to make a lump of hair

Tighten the tail around and kill the gum pins

Even a very beautiful long hair sometimes have to clean up.

The simplest versions of hairstyles - beam and shot.

Make one and the other can be a few minutes.

By the way, I am now in vogue again entered the style of 60-ies of the last century, when all kinds of tails and bumps were especially popular.

You will need

  • - Round gum-
  • - comb-
  • - shpilki-
  • - Hairnet:
  • - Pretty barrette or comb.



To make a lump, you first need to collect hairin a bun. If you have beautiful ears and you're wearing showy earrings, it is best to make knobs on top. These hairstyles are very fond of gymnastics, and this is no accident. Hair does not fall apart, even at very sharp movements, hair is always strong and beautiful. Good hair comb, zacheshite up and pull the rubber band on the top. In the 60s ladies enjoyed the usual pharmacy rubber bands, but now you can easily pick up and gum soft "shell." It is much better for hair than drugstore.


What happens next depends on the quality ofhair. If they are long and thick, it is better to braid into a braid. Tighten the braid around the gum, in several places stabbing her hairpins. Not very thick hair you can not braid. The tail is just around zamatyvaetsya gum and stabs pins. If you have to move a lot, you can fix the hair lacquer or a grid. The grid is also a great decorative element. If she is beautiful and suitable for hair and your outfit, you need no flowers, no combs or hairpins.


Cones on the top can be done in another way. It is especially good if the hair is long enough, but not very thick. Make the tail, fold it in half and tuck the edge under the gum. On the cone put the net. The studs in this case is not needed, hairstyle and without them it will be very good to stay.


If you for some reason want to cover your ears,you no longer go bump on the head. Comb your hair parted in the middle, and then covering the ears, pull the back of the head, as described in the first case. Braid braid or leave the tail, and then tighten around the gum stabbing pins. This hairstyle can be decorated with decorative comb. It may be behind over a bump, or on the side. Suitable and flower and beautiful barrette.


Interesting hairstyle obtained if you takeOnly the tail of the front locks and rear locks leave. Comb your hair, separate the front half of the roughly and gather in a ponytail, and then in the cone. Rear strands cool curl. Garnish with a tiara or hair can be a decorative comb.


Modern fashion allows for various optionssimilar hairstyles. The lump may be in virtually any part of the head - near the temple or above the ear. Hair comb without parting, make a bundle at the desired point, and then bumps exactly as already described. Hair turns frivolous and even some hooligan, so that all the other elements of your outfit should match the chosen style. Short skirt, colorful socks, a scarf with pom-poms are consistent with a similar image.

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