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How to make a jet engine


The design of a modern jet engine.</a>

A jet engine is quite a complicated device.

For the first time the aircraft on this type of engine went to heaven only in 1939. It was the German Heinkel 178.

At the moment, these types of engines are used everywhere.

But their arrangement is more complicated from year to year.



Reactive engine Is very simple on the principle of its work. It is necessary that the air simply gets inside the engine, where it mixes with fuel (as a rule, kerosene is used for this), and then all of this would be ignited by a spark. Thus, a jet is created, which sets in motion rockets and airplanes.


To build a jet engine, a body is needed first. In the body are all the main engine units. It's a fan that feeds air in engine, And also cools it during operation. After the fan there is a compressor, which creates pressure so that the compressed air enters the combustion chamber. In the combustion chamber, air is already mixed with fuel, and then a directed explosion through the spark to get a jet. In some ways, this design resembles a carburetor from a car. Then the jet from the combustion chamber is directed to the turbine of the jet engine. The turbine is made of several hundred small "blades" and a shaft to which a fan and compressor are attached. When the jet strikes the turbine, the entire system comes into motion. Thus, for the jet engine to operate, only a constant fuel supply is required.


The last detail of this type of constructionThe engine is the nozzle. The nozzle is already creating that reactive jet that sets the aircraft in motion. It consists of a hot mixture that has come from the combustion chamber through the turbine into the nozzle, as well as cold air fed through a fan that has previously passed through the internal compartments of the engine to cool it.


Jet engines are divided into several categories. There is a classic, turboprop and turbofan jet engines.

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