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How does a jet engine

The construction of a modern jet engine.

Jet engine - it's quite a complex device.

The first plane on a similar type of engine took to the skies only in 1939. It was the German "Heinkel 178 '.

Currently, these types of motors are used everywhere.

But their structure becomes more complicated every year.



Reactive engine very easy on the principle of its work. It is necessary to simply air from being trapped inside the engine, where fuel is mixed (typically used for this kerosene), and then all this would spark ignited. Thus, a jet stream, which sets in motion the missiles and aircraft.


To create a jet engine in the first housing is required. The housing contains all the basic engine units. This fan which takes air in and engineAnd cool it during operation. After the fan is a compressor that generates pressure to the compressed air already got in the combustion chamber. The air combustion chamber is already mixed with fuel, and then going through a directed explosion a spark to get a jet stream. In some ways this structure resembles the carburetor from the machine. Then the jet stream is directed out of the combustion chamber to the turbine of a jet engine. A turbine made of several hundred small "blades" and a shaft to which are attached the fan and compressor. When the jet stream goes to the turbine, the whole system is set in motion. Thus, for a jet engine need only a constant supply of fuel.


The last part of this type of constructionEngine is a nozzle. The nozzle is already creating the jet stream, which results in the movement of the aircraft. It is composed of the heated mixture has fallen from the combustion chamber through the turbine nozzle and the cold air supplied through a ventilator, which is passed through to the internal motor of the compartments for cooling.


Jet engines are divided into several categories. There is the classic, turboprop and turbofan jet engines.

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