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HOW do hairstyle with a bandage

How to make a hairstyle with a bandage

Hairstyle with a Greek-style bandage looks very elegant and stylish.

It is excellent as an option for every day and looks great for special occasions.

You will need

  • - povyazka-
  • - comb-
  • - shpilki-
  • - hair spray-
  • - Curling.



Good hair comb. Ahead forehead make parting a length of 3-4 cm Separate part of the hair on top, slightly below their nacheshite and zacheshite hair back -. It will give the hair volume and fluffiness.


Put on hair dressing. It must be located at a distance of about 3 cm from the hairline.


Separate a small section of hair at the top right andScrew it into the harness towards the head. After this, please create a lock on the patch and insert it inside, pulling down the strand. To the resulting strands attach another small section and then copy it down.


Repeat, gradually attaching strands until you reach the bottom. Do the same with the left hand, the first tightening the tourniquet and slowly wrapping the hair around the bandage.


After the hair on both sides willtightened around the bandage will remain loose strands. Gather the remaining hair neatly and hide them inside the hair, lifting them from the bottom up - under the cushion formed around the bandage.


Correct hair around the dressing, gentlypulling all knocked out of the bead strands to hair looked nice and tidy. Select a few strands above the forehead and around the face. This will give the hair perfection. The locks can be curled at curling or leave straight.


Secure the pins result to a hairstyledressing well kept. Since the hair is wrapped around the bandage look voluminous, pins will not be visible. After that, fix hair hairspray, spraying it at arm's length - so hair will look most natural.

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