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How to spend quarter in school


How to spend quarter in school</a>

A club of cheerful and resourceful people can be organized in the school. Before this, it is necessary to carefully study the rules of the game and the format of the event.

How to do this, and what difficulties may arise - read on.

You will need

  • Posters, paper, markers



In school corridors, advertisements should be postedAbout recruitment of participants into teams. It is necessary to divide the teams according to their age into younger (grades 6-8) and older (9-11 classes). Thus, junior teams will compete in the skill of wit with their own peers only from parallel classes. The same goes for high school students.


Membership in the jury must haveSeveral teachers, and the head of the games will be the principal of the school. As for the leading games, you need to evaluate the candidate for a competent speech and clear diction, the ability to quickly rebuild and change the subject, as well as be able to answer tart questions. For more objective refereeing, you can invite teachers to a jury from neighboring schools or methodologists. Thus, the school will become popular and it will be possible to share professional experience in an informal atmosphere.


The performance of the team withSupport group. This group can include parents of students, their younger sisters or brothers, as well as numerous friends. Each support group develops their own chants, slogans and posters. Each team must adhere to a certain color scheme in clothing.


School KVN can include the Champions League,Consisting of teams - winners in competitions of their age group. Effectively, the final of the program will look, to which an independent expert should be invited, such as a member of the Junior League team performing at the entertainment venues of the city. If you are unfamiliar with him, you can write a letter to the organizing committee of the city team with an invitation to take part in judging school humor.

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