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How do you know your MTS number

How do you know my number mts

If you bought a new sim card, then you definitely need to remember your phone number.

But what if you do not record?

How do you know your MTS number if your memory you let down, but rather to the need to put the money or tell the phone to a friend?



Naturally, the first thing that comes to mind whenyou need to know your phone number to MTS, call the other party, then your numbers are determined on the device comrade. If the account has insufficient funds, send a SMS to a friend, or request a call back. MTS. To request "Call Me", enter the command * 110 * phone number # subscriber.


Find a phone number by looking at the documents frompurchased a SIM card. Usually the phone is indicated on the plastic card, which is inserted Simca, next to the pin and pack codes or concluded you and the operator MTS contract.


If you have lost documents, and SIM cardlocked, take your passport and go to the Salon. Experts in the MTS office will be able to find the necessary information about your room based on your passport.


Learn your MTS number by sending USSG-request * 111 #. In the mobile operator's portal, select "My Account" section, and in it - "My number."


To quickly find a phone number, dial * 111 * 0887 #. Within a few seconds, your phone will display the required information.


Most modern smartphones contain data on the number in the settings. Look for information about your room in sections such as "cellular", "on the phone", etc.


To find your phone on your tablet, move the SIM card into the phone and use one of the following methods.


And to continue to not think as you know your MTS number, do not count on a good memory and a better record in the phone address book.

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