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How do you know their interests

Look interests alone

Usually, people are well aware that they are interested in. If there is a question about their own interests, then it would be desirable big life changes.

The path to new interests can not happen especially fast, because it is connected with the new knowledge of yourself.



At any time exclude from ordinary lifeinformation sources. You should hear himself, and for this it is necessary to drown out extraneous voices. Do not use social networks, email, do not read the usual books and newspapers, do not watch TV. If possible, temporarily connect with old friends. Your mind will be free from outside interference.


Retire and start taking notes. Continue this exercise every day until logical conclusions will not lead you to any decision regarding their interests. Well, if you place your privacy it will be connected with nature.


Read dozens of books about people who have foundyourself in one case. It may be biographies of scientists, athletes, teachers. Thoughts of prominent people about how they developed in their field, you stumble on new ideas.


Make yourself a regular visitor to the exhibitionconcerts, events, meetings. Watch what you are particularly attracted to other people in the business. You can start from scratch and in the next 5-10 years to achieve greater success in any business. Therefore, do not reject the desire that now seem impossible.


Make a list of the circles, sections, schools that teach people your age. Visit these places and watch how people are doing. Perhaps something you carry away immediately.


Think about the meaning of life. Interests often intersects with the matter. I wonder just what makes sense in the years to come. In meditation you will be collections of thoughts of great people.

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