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How to know your interests


Look for interests alone</a>

Usually people know very well what interests them. If there is a question about your interests, then you want big changes in life.

The path to new interests can not turn out to be particularly fast, because it is connected with a new knowledge of oneself.



For some time, exclude ordinaryinformation sources. You must hear yourself, but for this you need to muffle extraneous voices. Do not use social networks, mail, do not read the usual books and newspapers, do not watch TV. If possible, temporarily do not communicate with former acquaintances. Your mind will be free from outside interference.


Get out and start recording. Continue this exercise day after day until the logical conclusions lead you to any decision regarding your interests. It's good if your place of solitude is connected with nature.


Read a dozen books about people who have foundYourself in one business. These can be biographies of scientists, athletes, teachers. Thoughts of outstanding people about how they developed in their field will push you to new ideas.


Make yourself a regular visitor to exhibitions,Concerts, events, meetings. Observe that you are particularly attracted to the activities of other people. You are able to start from scratch and achieve great success in any business in the next 5-10 years. So do not reject the desires that now seem impossible.


Make a list of circles, sections, schools in which people of your age are trained. Visit these places and observe how people are doing. Perhaps something will immediately entice you.


Reflect on the meaning of life. The field of interest often overlaps with this issue. It is interesting only that it makes sense for many years. In reflections you will help the collections of thoughts of great people.

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