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How do you know your email address

How do you know your email address

If you rarely use e-mail, it is possible to completely forget it after a while.

Despite the fact that this does not happen often, there are proven ways to find your email address.



Try to use the contents of the site,providing you mail. Let's say you did not come out of your account and available to you your username. Most often it is the main component of the e-mail address. Add to it the sign "dog" and the domain. For example, if a login vopros, and the site learn-myself.com, the e-mail will vopros@learn-myself.com.Чтобы know not wrong if at a loss, try to send some mail to this post.


Some sites offer a choice of severaldomain to login. If you can not remember it, you can try out all the options. As a rule, they are not more than four. Be guided by the same rules - send an email to yourself and choose the one that reaches the recipient.


If you leave someone your emailaddress, contact them and ask them to remind your e-mail. You can also interrogate their friends on the subject of whether or not they remember your email. Often, people close to know your address and can help. Also it is necessary to turn to colleagues at work that may send you important information.


If you have access to e-mail, but you can not rememberhome address, simply look in the "Sent Items" folder. As a rule, "from" field will include your e-mail, you can also contact technical support site, which in 99% of cases will help to resolve the situation.

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