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How to know your calling


How to know your calling</a>

Finding your calling in life is an important goal for every person. When you act not by calling, but by coercion, there is a danger of not achieving what you dreamed of.

Or, the hard-won goals may not be as sweet as desired.



Make a list of desired professions. Try to group them into categories. You will see who or what should be the main area of ​​application of your efforts. Someone likes to work with wildlife, and then the work of a biologist, veterinarian or agricultural technician can be the best for him. Some people like to work with people, and the work of a teacher or a doctor will suit them. And there are such areas of effort as working with signs, techniques, etc.


Visit the psychologist, take the tests. Sometimes we are so overwhelmed by the environment that we can not get to our true desires. But there are special tests and methods that allow psychologists to determine what you want, and in what area you expect the greatest success. Use these tools to not lose years of life for unnecessary training.


Analyze your talents and abilities. Many teenagers, for example, dream of being great artists, conquer millions of fans. But some of them and two words can not be associated with a public speech. Soberly assess your skills and talents. Pay attention to what objects are easier to give at school. Most likely, the professions associated with them will become a real gold dwelling for you.


Take into account the ties and social status of the family. The choice of a profession from the desire to continue the dynasty is not a bad option for self-determination. Children in such families usually absorb the culture of the professional activity of their parents from a young age. And then it's easier for them to become successful in the same field. And family ties and trampled paths in the industry, too, will not interfere.

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