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How do you know your calling

How do you know your calling

Find your calling in life - an important goal for everyone. When you act not by vocation, but by compulsion, there is a risk not to achieve what I dreamed.

Or the hard-won goal may not be as sweet as it should.



Make a list of desired professions. Try to group them into categories. You will see who or what should be the main area of ​​your efforts. Some people like to work with nature, and then the work of a biologist, a veterinarian or agricultural machinery can be the best for him. Otherwise I enjoy working with people, and they will approach the work of a teacher or a doctor. And there are areas of focus, as the work with the characters, technology, etc.


Visit psychologist, pass tests. Sometimes we are so overwhelmed by the surroundings, that to get to their true desires can not. But there are specific tests and methods that enable psychologists to determine what you want, and in what area you expect the greatest success. Take advantage of these tools, you do not lose years of life on unnecessary training.


Analyze your talents and abilities. Many young people, for example, the dream of being great artists, to conquer millions of fans. But some of them, and the two words can not bind with a public speech. A sober assessment of their skills and talents. Note what items are easier to school. Most likely, the professions associated with them, this will be for you a gold mine.


Note communication and social status of the family. Choosing a profession out of a desire to continue the dynasty - not a bad option of self-determination. Children in such families are usually from childhood to absorb the culture of the professional activity of the parents. And then it is easier to become successful in the same field. And family ties and well-trodden path in the industry also did not interfere.

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