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How do you know your arcane of the Tarot

How do you know your arcane of the Tarot

With the date of birth can be found in the arcane of the Tarot, which characterizes the personality traits and the main spiritual task you want to accomplish in a lifetime.

Developing the qualities of his lasso, a man fully realizes himself and finds a place in society.

First, add up all the numbers related to yourdate of birth. In addition, the participating four digits rather than two. If the sum of the additions will more than 22, then it must be reduced by 22. If the result is less than 22, then the original number left without changes. For example, 10.10.2010 = 1 + 0 + 1 + 0 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 0 = 5 leave the number unchanged. Another example 29.09.1999 = 2 + 9 + 0 + 9 + 1 + 9 + 9 + 9 = 39. This number is greater than 22, so subtract 22 and get the number 17.

To find out your lasso in Tarot, compare the result with the list below.

Mag. Representatives of this arcane have high vitality and achieve goals, no matter what. As a rule, they have great willpower and a great chance to achieve almost the impossible.

Priestess. All events in the life of a lasso, reflect his inner self. They are able to attract into your life whatever they desire.

The Empress. People of this type have power and very authoritative, they are endowed with leadership qualities and seek to control others.

Emperor. As with previous noose symbolizes the love of power and authority. However, they tend to be more rigid.

Hierophant. This arcane characterizes conservative people, who rely more on tradition than on rules and laws.

Lovers. People belonging to this type, at the heart of all put love and trying to achieve it over a lifetime, and when they reach, attain true happiness.

Chariot. Arkan characterizes conscious people who are deprived of illusions and very skeptical.

Force. These people are literally filled with aspirations and confidence. They do an excellent job with difficulty.

Hermit. This is the main arcane spiritual people. Their real life depends on karma, that is, from those actions that they commit.

Fortune. These people tend to be very easy to achieve the desired, but often pay for it with something else.

Justice. This arcane says that people feel very strongly any injustice taking place in the world, and painful reacts to it.

Hanged. These people are very inquisitive and faster than others are wondering how to know their arcane in the Tarot. The main recommendation for them - easy to take events in life.

Death. Representatives of the lasso are often wrong game. To understand the mission they have to get rid of past sins and start a bright new life.

Moderation. This arcane characterizes balanced, harmonious people, who have to deal with all that brings happiness to people.

Devil. As a rule, people of this arcane have a very attractive appearance and are able to manipulate others, using tricks.

Star. Single people who have any talent or giftedness. They may not be famous, but if they put his heart and soul, will create something great.

Moon. People related to this lasso, others more susceptible to various changes and events that occur in life. They need as soon as possible to find their purpose.

The sun. People that are designed to carry a lasso happiness to people, to bring smiles and get a lot of appreciation.

Court. Arkan is aimed mainly at self-knowledge, not other people. These people are very important to learn how to forget and to forgive offenses.

Peace. These people need to feel the perfection and satisfaction of their life experience and to fully realize themselves.

Jester. Users of this arcane more like children - are impulsive and are free, but this is their main advantage.

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