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How to find out if the computer is writing or not


How to find out if the computer is writing or not</a>

Not all users who buy a computer have at least basic ideas about it.

For many, most terms and concepts are unfamiliar.

For example, after buying a computer, such people start to wonder whether they are writing a computer or not?

Due to inexperience, they simply do not know that the computer can not be writing or not writing, and the ability to record information from it depends on the characteristics of only one computer component.

You will need

  • - A computer-
  • - Optical drive.



The ability to write information from a computer toThe disks depend on the optical drive (drive) of the computer. It is the type of drive that determines its functionality. To find out if your drive is a writer, open My Computer. Look at the icon of your drive, next to its type. If at the end of the drive type there is an inscription RW, then with its help you can write information to disks. Also, there may be a situation where Multi is written in the name of the drive type. This also means that the optical drive has the function of writing information to discs.


Also, more detailed information about the type of drive andHis model can be learned in this way. Click on the "My Computer" icon with the right mouse button. On the shortcut menu, click Properties. Next, select "Device Manager", and in it, find the item DVD and CD-ROM. Click the arrow next to this item. The name of your drive model appears. The first word is the manufacturer of the drive, the following letters indicate its type. If the letters DRW are written, it means that the drive can record information on both DVD-ROMs and CD-ROMs.


In the event that the letters CRW are indicated,The drive can only read CDs. Accordingly, you can also record information only on CD-ROM. If a CD-ROM is written, this means that the drive can read CDs. But you can not record information on them. Also possible option DVD-ROM. If you have such a case, your drive can read CDs of both CD and DVD formats. But it is also impossible to record information on them with this type of drive. You can also find CD / DVDW. Such drives read both CD-media and DVD. You can also record on both types of optical media.

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