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How to find out why the iPhone does not work

How to find out why the iPhone does not work

IPhone - a popular phone, a real multimedia center.

Unfortunately, sometimes for various reasons, he refuses to be included.

In some cases the problem can be solved on their own, others will have to contact the service center.

Faulty battery

The most common causeinoperability iPhone are in violation of the battery, which may suddenly be discharged very quickly. This is due to the fault of the lithium-ion battery or a power failure the controller. The battery can, moreover, refuse to charge and store energy when trying to charge through the "left" unoriginal or just faulty device.

You can check your own workbattery by connecting to the high-quality iPhone charger, since foreign chargers are often given poor nutrition due to poor contact. If the iPhone began to charge and "come to life", just buy the original charge, this will allow you to avoid unnecessary emotions in the future. If still nothing happens, possible failure of the battery or power controller. Controllers often break down due to connecting the device to the car charger.

In this case it is necessary to contact the service center. As for the replacement of these parts need to unmount the device, it is better not to do it at home and entrust procedure experts. They check the energy confinement time with the help of a special device, then change the required detail - the battery or the battery is collected and returned to the phone owner. This procedure does not take much time.

Broken motherboard

Sometimes the iPhone will not turn on due to damagemotherboard, it depends on it the entire device operation as a whole. The motherboard includes a processor, memory, storage devices and connectors. It is difficult to determine without a diagnosis, what part of the device is out of order. Most often it is the result of failure of complex processes. The reason for failure of the motherboard iPhones are often damaged or water from entering inside the phone. The symptoms that the motherboard is not in order, are frequent rebooting, sound issues or simply phone the refusal included.
Unfortunately, Apple has not suppliediPhones components to the aftermarket. Therefore, replace the motherboard can only be in the service centers. This procedure usually takes place in the presence of the client. Expert replaces the original card and checks the phone's performance.

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