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How to find out why the iPhone does not work


How to find out why the iPhone does not work</a>

The iPhone is a popular phone, a true multimedia center.

Unfortunately, sometimes for various reasons he refuses to join.

In some cases, you can solve the problem yourself, in others you will have to contact the service center.

Battery failure

The most common causeThe inoperability of the iPhone is a malfunction in the battery, which can suddenly start discharging extremely quickly. This is due to faults in the lithium-ion battery itself or the failure of the power controller. The battery can, moreover, refuse to charge and save energy when trying to recharge through the "left" non-original or simply faulty device.

You can independently check the workBatteries, connecting a high-quality charger to an iPhone, since foreign chargers often give poor nutrition due to poor contact. If the iPhone starts to charge and "comes to life", just get the original charging, it will allow you to avoid unnecessary worries later. If nothing happens, the battery or the power controller may be damaged. Controllers often break down due to the connection of the device to car chargers.

In this case, you need to contact the service center. Since to replace these parts you need to unmount the device, it is better not to deal with it at home and entrust the procedure to specialists. They check the holding time of energy with a special device, after which they change the necessary part - the battery or the battery, collect the phone and return it to the owner. This procedure does not take much time.

Broken motherboard

Sometimes the iPhone does not turn on due to damageMotherboard, it is on her depends the work of the whole device as a whole. The motherboard contains a processor, RAM, drives and connectors. It is quite difficult without diagnostics to determine which part of this device is out of order. Most often, its failure is the result of complex complex processes. The cause of the failure of motherboards iPhones often serve as mechanical damage or water ingress into the phone. Symptoms that the motherboard is not in order are frequent reboots, problems with sound, or simply the phone's failure to turn on.
Unfortunately, Apple does not deliverAccessories for iPhones on the market of spare parts. Therefore, you can replace the motherboard only in the service centers. This procedure usually takes place in the presence of the client. The specialist replaces the original board and checks the phone's operability.

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