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How do you know whether you love yourself

Loving yourself is necessary for a happy life

Self-love, self-acceptance and self-respect are prerequisites for achieving harmony in life.

It is difficult to be happy without the approval and understanding of their own actions, and without a good attitude to his own person.

Dislike for yourself leads to low self-esteem,doubts about the correctness of their actions, the inability to achieve the desired goals, failures in their careers and personal lives. To see if you find yourself high enough value, is to understand yourself.

The expression of self-love

Love of self is manifested in the ability and willingnesstake care of themselves, their comfort, as well as in the pursuit of development. A man who values ​​himself appreciated exempt from feelings of self-pity and guilt in relation to the other. Such individual acquire inner freedom.
People who love themselves, are able to forgive himself. They do not harass yourself with endless thoughts about what could be their life, they have not committed a particular offense. These people rely on themselves and do not judge yourself too harshly. Remember that nobody is perfect, and that excessive self-criticism does not lead to anything good.
Loving yourself individuals do not compare yourself withothers. They accept themselves as they are. For some reason, some people appreciate others and see them as a lot of advantages. And a note some shortcomings, disadvantages. Ability to concentrate on the good in itself - is also a sign of love.
He who loves himself and accepts, understands thatworthy of the best blessings in life. He gladly accepts wealth, success, good luck, good attitude of others. This attitude attracts positive events in the life of the script. Those people who are not well apply to himself, may experience stress, suffer from the "impostor" syndrome, to wait for a dirty trick, and thus provoke trouble.
The man who loves himself, communicates only withpeople who help him grow or bring joy to life. They are closely related to their social circle and do not let them in those who carry a negative, it picks up energy or uses them.
An individual with an adequate attitude to itself without furthercompunction parted with people manipulating others. He can refuse if asked to harm its interests, does not try to please everyone and like everyone to their own detriment. Such a person believes that the more important to be good to yourself, and not for the others, but his own person.

Love yourself

Carefully review your dignity. Focus only on the fact that you have a good. This applies to the character traits and exterior features, and professional qualities and achievements in the past. This exercise will help you to raise the self-esteem. Forget about the habit of spending some comparisons are not in their favor. It is not constructive.
Learn to accept praise and compliments. Some people have heard something good in your address begin to wonder or excuses. Once it is clear that they are not quite in tune with them. Be assured that you are worthy and gratitude, and sympathy, and love.
Be generous to yourself. Do not skimp on your desires and comfort. It happens that a person is willing to spend a lot of money for the pleasure of a person close to him, but does not go on the same step, to get a benefit for himself. Get rid of such double standards and false modesty.
Take care of yourself, respect your body. It is worthy of the best, so ensure yourself the maximum care, rest, nutrition and necessary physical activity. The correct way of life should be a well-deserved reward yourself loved one - himself, not guilty, or load some punishment. Therefore it is necessary to compromise and to find the most pleasant ways to maintain and increase their own health.
Place your beauty around them. This applies to your clothes, that should you really like it, as well as the environment at home and at work. Surround yourself with pleasant things, take the required amount of time, effort and money to make you well.

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