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How to understand if you love yourself


Loving yourself is necessary for a happy life</a>

Self-love, self-acceptance and self-esteem are indispensable conditions for achieving harmony in life.

It is difficult to be happy without the approval and understanding of one's own actions and without a good attitude towards one's own person.

Dislike for self leads to a low self-esteem,Doubts about the correctness of their actions, inability to achieve the desired goals, failures in career growth and personal life. To understand if you value yourself highly enough, you should understand yourself.

Expression of self-love

Self-love manifests itself in ability and desireTake care of themselves, their comfort, as well as in the pursuit of development. A person who appreciates himself is freed from feelings of self-pity and guilt towards others. Such an individual acquires inner freedom.
People who love themselves can forgive themselves. They do not exhaust themselves with endless thoughts about what their life could be like, if they did not commit this or that offense. Such people trust themselves and do not judge themselves too severely. Remember that there are no ideal people, and that excessive self-criticism does not lead to anything good.
Self-love individuals do not compare themselves withOthers. They accept themselves as they are. For some reason, some people highly value others and see in them a lot of merits. And in themselves notice some shortcomings, shortcomings. The ability to concentrate on the good in oneself is also a sign of love.
The one who loves and accepts himself, realizes thatWorthy of the best things in life. He gladly accepts wealth, success, luck, good attitude of others. This attitude attracts positive scenarios of events in life. Those people who do not treat themselves well enough can experience tension, suffer from the "impostor" syndrome, wait for a trick, and thus provoke trouble.
A person who loves himself communicates only withThose people who help him grow or bring joy to life. They are attentive to their own circle of communication and do not let in them those who carry a negative, take energy or use them.
An individual with an adequate attitude to himself without superfluousScruples of conscience part with people manipulating others. He knows how to refuse if the request harms his interests, does not try to please everyone or please everyone at his own expense. Such a person believes that it is more important to be good for yourself, and not for everyone else, except for one's own person.

To love yourself

Study your dignity carefully. Concentrate only on what is good in you. This applies to character traits, and features of appearance, and professional qualities, and achievements in the past. Such an exercise will help you raise your self-esteem. Forget about the habit of doing some kind of comparison not in your favor. This is not constructive.
Learn to properly accept praise and compliments. Some people, after hearing something good about themselves, start to wonder or justify themselves. It is immediately clear that they are not quite in harmony with themselves. Be sure that you are worthy of both gratitude, sympathy, and love.
Be generous to yourself. Do not skimp on your desires and comfort. It happens that a person is willing to spend a lot of money for the pleasure of a person close to him, but does not take the same step to get benefits for himself. Get rid of such double standards and extra modesty.
Take care of yourself, respect your body. It is worthy of the best, so ensure yourself the maximum care, rest, quality food and the necessary physical activity. The right way of life should be a well-deserved reward to the most beloved creature - yourself, and not an innocent burden or some kind of punishment. Therefore, we must make compromises and find the most pleasant ways to preserve and increase our own health.
Put your beauty around you. This applies to your clothes, which you really like, as well as the home and work environment. Surround yourself with pleasant things, spend the necessary amount of time, energy and money, so that you feel good.

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