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How do you know when the full moon

How do you know when the full moon

Even in ancient times people have noticed that the Moon is able to influence their lives. They waited for the full moon to carry out various rituals, to look into the past or the future.

Even today, many believe that it was the full moon should be planted some plants to gather a rich harvest, go on a diet to have a slim body.

They even believe that the full moon, they only dream of prophetic dreams or nightmares.

Myths and superstitions about the full moon

From time immemorial, the full moon makes people fearinner thrill and sense of approximation of something mysterious. This is not strange, because the Moon is associated a lot of superstitions. It is said that during this moon phase takes place a large number of quarrels, catastrophes, accidents, and even murder. US scientists have disproved this fact. They checked all the statistics of accidents and murders in almost all the country's hospitals. The result showed that during the full moon of such incidents is not more than the usual time.

Some people believe that during the full moonsubconscious talking with them during sleep. In fact, dreams in a full moon do not differ from ordinary dreams. Nightmares mean that the person is just tired physically. Monsters, dreamed a night like this, rather they say that sleep is not happy with their surroundings.

Myths about the terrible dreams in a full moon appearedbefore lighting made the streets. Then the bright full moon disrupts sleep of people, and they decided to explain this mysterious presence of supernatural forces.

Some believe that the full moon can trigger a variety of rituals. To deny or to prove this fact it is impossible, because there are people who blindly believe in otherworldly forces.

Supported lunar myths only Liverpool Dr. Barr. He noted that the full moon of the state of his mental patients does get a little worse.

Despite the fact that not one myth about the full moon is not proven, these myths persist.

Moon calendar

Learn when it's a full moon, you can Lunar. This calendar is the most ancient of all existing calendar. Even solar calendar came after him.

First lunar calendar was created in Egypt about 6 thousand years ago. Modern calendar shows the cyclic motion of the Moon.

The lunar cycle lasts about 29.5 days. Luna has 4 phases (new moon, first quarter, full moon, last quarter), the new moon all the time begins in a new sign of the zodiac.

Each year there are 12 full moons. Full moon calendar for 2014:

January 16 - 8:52 (sign of the zodiac - Cancer) -
February 15 - 3:53 (Leo) -
March 16 - 21:08 (Virgo) -
Apr 15 - 11:42 (Libra) -
14 May - 23:15 (Scorpio) -
June 13 - 8:11 (Sagittarius) -
July 12 - 15:24 (Capricorn) -
Aug 10 - 22:09 (Aquarius) -
September 9 - 5:38 (Fish) -
October 8 - 14:50 (Aries) -
November 7 - 2:22 (Taurus) -
December 6 - 16:26 (Gemini).

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