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How to find out what gift your wife wants


For many men, the choice of a gift is a real torture.

Meanwhile, if you show a little care,Then you can know exactly what your wife or daughter wants. Of course, you can use the classic advice, but if a man wants to make a truly valuable gift, you need to show a little patience

The next holiday is coming, but you do not know whatgive? And, as always, on the last day, run for the toilet water to at least something to present to your beloved woman? And then there's my daughter and mother-in-law? Yes, you will not envy a person in this situation.

Meanwhile, there is a sure way to please anyone.A man, giving him what he wants to receive as a present here and now. Just listen to what your women are saying. Remember, as in the advertisement: "Dear, check it out - the neighbor on the new car went to a new dacha!". What does this mean? The fact that your half also wants a new dacha and wants to go the whole family there on a new car.

So with a gift. Women keep telling who gave what to whom. And while their stories are accompanied by comments: "Imagine, Zinaida Ivanovna, my husband gave me a meat grinder. No, this must be thought of! It turns out - he hints that she should do it even better and cook even more? ". From this story we conclude that your wife does not want anything from the kitchen appliances.

And if she enthusiastically tells whichA gift from a man got a girlfriend - that's exactly what you need. True, there is one nuance that needs to be taken into account - this is women's volatility. Today she envied one friend, tomorrow another, the day after tomorrow someone else. Because of this, preferences can change. But all the same "the general channel" can already be traced. And as soon as the time comes to give gifts - you can hear about the most cherished, what the woman wants here and now.

If you and your daughter have a normal relationship, sheAlso, she will tell you what her parents give to her friends, and from this you too can make the right conclusions. Or directly ask what she wants. And if you still go along with her to choose and buy a gift - this will be a double holiday for the daughter. After all, as you know, communication is the greatest luxury, especially the communication of close people.

With my mother-in-law, everything is very simple. Women of the age, as a rule, are very practical and know what they want. Therefore, make your wife an agent for reconnaissance of the wishes of your mother-in-law, and then the gift will be to the place and by the time.

Perhaps this way someone will seem tooOnerous. Then just try to ask your ladies what to give them for your birthday or March 8. Or look carefully at things - maybe the gloves are not in order or the purse is rubbed. That's the idea for a gift. Just do not get rid of the amount of money - it offends you and speaks of indifference.

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