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How do you know what your wife wants a gift


For many men, choosing a gift - a real torment.

Meanwhile, if you show a little care,you can see exactly what she wants your wife or daughter. Of course, you can use the classic advice, however, if a man wants to make a truly valuable gift, you need to show a little patience

Nearing the next holiday and you do not know whatgive? And, as always, will run on the last day of the toilet water to at least something to present the beloved? And then there's my daughter, and mother-in-law? Yes, you will not envy a person in such a situation.

Meanwhile, there is a sure way to please anyonea man by giving him what he wants to get a gift here and now. Just listen to what they say your woman. Remember, as in advertising, "Dear, cast a spell - out neighbor on the new machine to the new cottage went!". What does this mean? The fact that your spouse also wants a new cottage and want to go as a family to get a new car.

So with a gift. Women always tell someone that someone has presented. And while their stories accompanied by the comment: "Imagine, Zinaida Ivanovna gave her husband a meat grinder. No, it is necessary to guess! It turns out - he hints that it should it even better and even longer to cook? ". From this story, we conclude that none of the kitchen appliances to gift your wife does not want to.

And if she enthusiastically tells whata gift from a man to get a girlfriend - this is just what you need. However, there is a caveat that should be taken into account - it is women's fickleness. Today she envied a friend, tomorrow another, the day after tomorrow someone else. Because of this preference may change. But all the same "general direction" can already be traced. And as soon as it is time to give gifts - you can hear about the most cherished, that woman wants here and now.

If you have a daughter with a normal relationship, shealso tell you that give parents girlfriend, and from this you can also make the necessary conclusions. Or just ask her what she wants. And if we go along with it and choose to buy a gift - it will be a double celebration for my daughter. After all, as you know, chat - the greatest luxury, the more communication loved ones.

all generally very easy with the mother. Females tend to be very practical and know what they want. Therefore, do your wife's wishes agent reconnoitering Tiffany's, and then the gift will be the place and by the time.

Perhaps this way of someone seems tooonerous. Then try just ask the ladies - they give a birthday or 8th of March. Or take a closer look things - maybe the gloves are not in order or purse loss. That's an idea for a gift. Just do not get off the nth sum of money - it hurts and suggests indifference.

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