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How to find out what kind of graphics card you have


How to find out what kind of graphics card you have </a>

The video card can be automatically detectedOperating system and stable operation without the use of additional programs. To increase graphics performance, you may need to install a driver, for which you need to know the specific model of the video card.

Knowing the device model allows you to choose the right driver and maximize the performance of the graphics subsystem.

Computer documentation

The video card model is one of the keyCharacteristics of any computer, and therefore when purchasing adapter parameters are specified in the specification and in the documentation for the equipment being purchased. The model of the video card can be specified even in the sales receipt, if the computer was purchased at a major hardware store. If you purchased a laptop in a store, you can use the information shown on the box in which the device was shipped.
The ID of the video card starts with the nameFirm (for example, Nvidia, ATI or Palit). After the name comes the numeric and literal designation of the current model along with a model ruler (for example, GeForce). After this, the model number specified by the manufacturer (for example, 350) with the model identifier (350GT or 350M) is determined. The letter M at the end of the name of the video card indicates that a mobile version of the video card with lower performance and power consumption for laptops is installed.

Official website of the manufacturer or store

You can find out the version of the video card by going toThe official website of the manufacturer or seller of your computer (laptop). If the computer you bought is presented in the online store, you can find your model and view its characteristics, which indicate the adapter model and its parameters.

"Device Manager"

To find out the model of the video card, you can goIn the "Device Manager" Windows. Click on the "Computer" tab with the right mouse button and select "Properties". In the left part of the window click the link "Device Manager". In the list of boards installed in your computer, select "Video adapters" by clicking on the appropriate line. If the graphics card driver has been installed with the operating system, you will see a model of your device. As a rule, in the latest versions of Windows the model of the video card is determined correctly.
An alternative method to find out the modelThe installed video card is the HWiNFO program. It allows you to scan the equipment installed in the computer and display the names of all devices used. The program is absolutely free and is available for download on the developer's site. After downloading the application, install it and launch it through the "Start" menu or via the shortcut on the desktop. Press the Detect (Scan) button and wait for the scanning to finish and display all the necessary information.

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