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How do you know what your graphics card

How do you know what your graphics card

The card can be automatically determinedoperating system and stably operate without the use of additional software. To increase the performance of graphics, you may need to install drivers to select which you want to know the specific model of the video card.

Knowledge of the model allows you to choose the correct driver and maximize the graphics performance.

Computer documentation

video card model is one of the keycharacteristics from any computer, so when you buy the adapter parameters are specified in the specification and documentation to purchase equipment. video card model can be specified even in the sales receipt, if the computer was purchased in a large hardware store. If you purchased a laptop in a store, you can use the information given on the box in which the device is delivered.
video card ID begins with the namefirms (eg, Nvidia, ATI or Palit). After the name is a numeric and letter of the current model with a model line (eg, GeForce). After this is determined by the model number specified by the manufacturer (eg, 350) with the ID model (350GT or 350M). The letter M at the end of the name of the video card says that you have the mobile version of the graphics card with a lower performance and power consumption for laptops.

The official website of the manufacturer or store

The version of the video card can be found by going tothe official website of the manufacturer or seller of your computer (laptop). If you purchased the computer is presented in the online store, you can find your model and view its characteristics, which indicate the adapter model and its parameters.

"Device Manager"

To find out which graphics card, you can goin the "Device Manager» Windows. Click the "Computer" right mouse button and select "Properties". In the left pane, click on the "Device Manager" link. The list of boards installed in your computer, select the "Display Adapters" by clicking on the appropriate line. If the video card driver was installed with the operating system, you will see the model of your device. Typically in recent versions of Windows video card model is defined correctly.
An alternative method to identify the modelvideo card installed, the program is HWiNFO. It allows you to scan installed in the computer hardware and display the names of all the devices used. The program is completely free and available for download at the developer website. Download the app, make its installation and run it through the "Start" menu or via the shortcut on the desktop. Click on the Detect button (Scan), and wait for the scan and output procedures to screen all relevant information.

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