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How do I know what is on the computer motherboard

How do I know what is on the computer motherboard

The motherboard is the foundation of building the Cheka (the computing system of the computer). In some cases, it can also be called a system board.

Most of the repair processes with computer components begins with the definition of the motherboard model.



The easiest way to find out what is on the motherboardcomputer using the documentation. Any official company selling computers and accessories should be provided with a device certain documents. They contain detailed technical information and, in particular, indicate the motherboard model.


If you can not find documentation, thatUse special tools. In the software market, there are many applications that help diagnose device: AusLogics, EVEREST, PC Wizard, System Information, and others. Select one of them, find the section with the motherboard and see the model.


Restart the computer and look closely atinformation, which is issued when starting. On some models, the motherboard name is displayed at the beginning of start-up in one of the first lines. It is worth noting that most boards do not have such a function.


If you do not fit into any one of the previousway, then try to look at the model of the motherboard itself. To do this, remove the system cover, gently wipe the dust from the internal device (if necessary) and try to find a name.

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