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How do you know the name of his guardian angel

How do you know the name of his guardian angel

Invisible companion, able to come to the rescuevirtually any, even the seemingly most difficult moment, help find a way out of the most unlikely situations, to resolve important issues - the angel, having the keeper status, throughout earthly life accompanies man, instructing him on the right path.



Many believe that under the very notion of aguardian angel hides none other than as a normal human intuition or inner voice trivial, unknown to science capable way to protect the ward from undesirable consequences of his own actions. Others adhere to the version that is a heavenly messenger, gradually, through a special person marks the feed signals of impending danger.


Theoretically, to get help its keepervery easy, is only mentally or aloud, ask an entity endowed with limitless possibilities, a favor without expecting that wish will come true instantly. Be sure to remember that such requests relate only useful and good deeds in the other, or those that are not included in the petition, the angels themselves prefer not to intervene and monitor the accomplishment of their side. Learn more about his own guardian angel very simple, just splyusovat numbers that determine the date of birth of the structure: that is, day, month, year. The resulting addition of the number reveals the essence of the floor: odd - women, even - men.


Drawing attention to the second digit in the date of birth,You can see which of the known elements include cherished angel. A total of 10 digits allocated zero corresponds to the passionate element of fire, combining invincible beings, the angels of the earth luckiest one - symbolizes holiness and goodness, two - owned light element, 3 - defines the air beings, attentive and caring towards his master. The number 4, as a rule, is directly related to the worldly wisdom and intuition, almost always correctly indicating the man right out of the situation, 5 - a metal energy, a symbol of longevity and resistance. Number 6 protects creative and bright individuals, as is relevant to the elements of the rainbow. The number 7 is the energy, the owners of these "energy" of the angels, is generally considered the bearers of prophetic dreams and premonitions magnificent, 8-digit signifying humanity and devotion, 9 - the warmth and optimism.


The Orthodox contact name toguardian angel is not accepted, but the names are common in the Jewish tradition. They are also calculated from the date of birth. For example, the angels of fire (number 0) are Vehyuiah names Ieliel, Sitael. Angels of Light - Ahaiah, Kahetel, Haziel. Air Angels - ALADI, Lauiah and wisdom - Mebahel, Hariel, hakama. Strong willed and angels with metal energy (figure 5) - this Leuven and Pahaliah, but creative Nelkael, Ieiaiel, Hahyuiah. Honest to irreconcilable Nithaiah angels, and Seehiah Reyiel, angels, bestowing a tremendous sense of intuition - Vasari and Lehahiah.


How exactly does the name of your guardian angel can ask the confessor or a good astrologer, that of the 59 names of supernatural beings call the name of who it protects you.

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