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How to find out the name of your guardian angel


How to find out the name of your guardian angel</a>

An invisible companion capable of coming to the rescuePractically in any even the most difficult moment, to help find the way out of the most improbable situations, to solve important problems - the angel, having the status of the guardian, throughout the whole life on earth accompanies the person, guiding him to the true path.



Many believe that under the very concept of a certainGuardian angel is nothing more than an ordinary human intuition or a trivial inner voice capable of unknowing science in protecting a ward from the undesirable consequences of his actions. Others adhere to the version that it is a heavenly messenger, gradually, through special signs giving the person signals about impending danger.


Theoretically get help from your keeperIt is very easy, it is worth only mentally or aloud to ask for an entity endowed with unlimited possibilities, about a favor without expecting that the desire will come true instantly. It must be remembered that such requests concern only useful and good deeds, in others or those that are not included in the petition, the angels themselves prefer not to intervene and observe the accomplishment of them from the side. Find out details about your own guardian angel is extremely simple, it is enough to flatten the figures that determine the structure of the date of birth: that is, the day, month, year. The number obtained as a result of addition allows revealing the gender of the essence: odd - female, even - masculine.


Paying attention to the second digit in the date of birth,You can understand which of the known elements belongs to the cherished angel. A total of 10. The number of zero corresponds to the passionate element of fire, uniting invincible creatures, the angels of all earthly lucky ones, one - symbolizes holiness and kindness, two - belongs to the elements of light, 3 - defines air beings, attentive and caring towards their master. The figure 4, as a rule, has a direct relation to worldly wisdom and intuition, which almost always accurately indicates to a person the correct way out of the situation, 5 is the energy of metal, a symbol of perseverance and long life. The figure 6 protects creative and bright personalities, as it relates to the elements of the rainbow. The figure 7 means energy, the owners of such "energy" angels are generally considered to be the bearers of prophetic dreams and a great presentiment, 8 is a figure that signifies humanity and devotion, 9 is warmth and optimism.


The Orthodox call by name toThe guardian angel is not accepted, but the names are common in the Jewish tradition. They are also calculated by the date of birth of a person. For example, the angels of fire (number 0) have the names Vehuyah, Jeliel, Sitael. Angels of light - Achaiach, Kahotel, Haziel. Air angels - Aladiach, Lauyah, and wisdom - Mebahell, Hariel, Hakamiah. Strong and strong-willed angels with the energy of metal (figure 5) are Leuviach and Pakhaliah, but the creative Nelkael, Jehiel, Hahyuyah. The honest Angels Nithaiah, Seehiach and Reilly, the angels who give a terrific sense of intuition - Vasariah and Lehahiach.


How exactly call your guardian angel you can ask a confessor or a good astrologer, who from 59 names of unearthly beings will name the one who protects you.

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