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How to find out the average speed

How to find out the average speed

A situation where the Internet "crawls" like a snail - are not uncommon. And this is happening despite the number of digits in an advertising booklet of your provider.

The promised speed exceeds tens of megabytes per second, but in fact there is not even one tenth of the promised.

If you want to measure the real, rather than advertising the speed of your connection, this article will help you.



Here are some links by clicking on which you can measure speed his connections: speed.yoip.ru- 2ip.ru- www.softholm.com- spchat.ru- www.testinternet.ru- www.and-rey.ru. It is also necessary to remember that in order toto obtain the most precise and accurate test result you will need to disable all programs that can use the internet at the time of testing. It can be any Internet-rocking, Internet radio or TV.


To measure the "instantaneous" speed of your Internet connection you need to go on any link above and click "Measure speed".


Within a few minutes you should refrain from using the Internet. This is to ensure that the browser you use to view web pages that do not affect the speed compound.


In the table that appears after the test is complete, you will see speed your connection to the Internet.

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