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How to find out the age of the Earth

Determination of the age of the Earth has always been a discharge of tasks, disturbing the minds of the great scientists of all time, but with respect to the exact answer to this question was obtained only recently.

In the Bible the age of the Earth is estimated to be 7,000 years old, which is very far from the real numbers.

If the relative age of the Earth's species have learnedquite a long time to determine the layers of the earth's crust in the canyon, the accurate determination of the absolute age of the Earth was only possible in the twentieth century by the method radioizotropnogo or radiocarbon.

The essence of this method in determining the agesomething based on the content of radioactive isotopes therein. As is known, any chemical element has several isotopes, one of them is stable, remaining radioactive. In the concept of the radioactive isotope has a half-life period - this period of time, during which the half element in turn atoms atoms other lighter elements.

When the study is determined by the radiocarbon methodratio found in living organisms remains stable carbon-12 and carbon-14 radioactive isotope. The ratio in the environment of stable isotopes in the same proportion as they absorb living organisms. After the death of the body of carbon-12 content in it does not change, but the radioactive carbon-14 begins to disintegrate. The half-life of this isotope is 5730 years.

However, to obtain accurate resultsstudying one element is not enough, therefore, along with the radiocarbon method used and uranotorievy analysis. The method is the same as determined by the ratio of the breed of different isotopes of uranium and thorium. Based on the results of the two methods of analysis, scientists have come to the conclusion that the Earth is 4.6 billion years old.

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