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How to find out the tax address


How to find out the tax address</a>

How to find out the tax address?

The easiest way is to find out - to use a special service, which has the official website of the Federal Tax Service.

Step-by-step instruction will help to establish not only the address of the inspection, but also the payment requisites.

Find out your tax address

The easiest way to find out the address of your taxInspections - refer to a special service that has the official website of the Federal Tax Service. In order to use this service, you only need to know your registration address. All the following is a matter of technique.

On the main page there is a button "ContactsInspections ". If you go through it, you can see the page on which the service offers to choose from the listed tax authority. If this is not possible, you should use another button, with the name "Addresses and payment details of your inspection". Here, a clever service will offer to enter the code of the Federal Tax Service (Inspectorate of the Federal Tax Service). What if the code is unknown? Simply press "Next", after which, step by step enter the address data.

So, gradually introduced the region populatedItem, street and the house and as a result the service provides the address, payment details of the required tax inspection. Here are published and hours of admission, in which this state body should be contacted. By the way, for recording at the reception in the tax inspection, you can use the procedure of the electronic record offered on the same site.

Address of the tax inspection of the counterparty

If necessary, clarify the tax addressThe body that serves the person or organization with which the contract (contractor) is contracted is also the simplest solution to resort to the official website of the Federal Tax Service of Russia.

On the main page there are buttons, one ofWhich is called "other functions of the Federal Tax Service". When navigating through it, you can see a number of very useful and useful functions, including and allowing you to check the counterparty. Here, at the bottom of the page is an enumeration of the types of possible counterparties. These are individuals, legal entities and individual entrepreneurs.

Now it only remains to select the required viewCounterparty and select the function "counterparty checking" from the offered list. In the presented form, it will only be necessary to make known data about the counterpart, not all, but the known ones.

As a result, the service will provide information about the required legal entity. In the form for the organization, among other things, the name of the tax inspection and its address will be reflected.

The proposed options for setting the tax address are absolutely legal, free, and also the most simple and accessible.

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