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How do you know that you expect

How do you know that you expect

Ways to know the future, there are many.

You can go to psychics, to tell fortunes from coffee grounds, listen to your intuition.

As a child, the girl gave special attention to the daisy divination, when guessing the question, alternately taking the petals.

How else can you find out what you expect?



Sleep. There is divided opinion about the importance of dreams. Many people underestimate the dreams, considering them unconscious flight of fancy. In fact, it often happens that dreams have warned against negative events. For example, if the dream of a snake, so be deceived or expected disease and furry dog ​​that rushes at you, means that soon will fan who will be hoping for a mutual feeling. If before an important event you dream bad dream, it is better to pay attention to it and take a scheduled event with caution.


Premonition. If the soul does not belong to any event, if you're not "pulling" to a particular person, if the heart tells one version of the solution, and the reason to contradict him, it is better to listen to ourselves and to heed the advice that tells us the cosmic energy. As is often the case that the plane, which is destined to be broken, it flies with incomplete number of passengers, as much at the last moment something prevented access to the airport. Some slept, someone stuck in a traffic jam, etc. Here you need to pay attention to the fatal signs. If a day is a series of troubles, therefore, you want to protect from key adverse events. Nothing happens by chance, so always pay attention to the accompanying events of the day.


Map. Take a deck of cards, mix, remove the left hand to her and mentally ask the question. Then pull any card and get it correct interpretation. The value of cards is available on the Internet at sites devoted to the esoteric. Thus, the "six" means a road lady suit "Cross" - meeting with a good friend of the King, "worms", ten "worms" - you will love and enjoyable relationship.

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