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How do you know that the phone is tapped

How do you know that the phone is tapped

In Russia, people listen phones are only entitled to special services, and then only by a court decision. However, the ability to do this is, any person with a special spyware.

To it is usually resorted competitors or jealous spouses.

How does spyware program for wiretapping

Spyware should be set atthe phone of the person you want to listen to conversations. It is not only able to record telephone conversations, but also to intercept SMS messages and then send them to the desired destination. Some programs are able to copy the contacts book, transmit information about the phone's location and provide an opportunity to hear everything that happens around him, even when you do not talk on it. Spy program turns your phone into a kind of "bug".

How do I know whether the phone spy software is installed

As a rule, such programs do not show themselves in any way. They are not easy to find, but there are some signs that will point to their presence.


phone battery loses its charge too quickly -One of the surest signs that it installed spyware. If the battery is always hot, it is also a bad sign. Naturally, the problem may lie in the device, especially if it is already more than a year. However, check your phone for the presence of spyware in this case it can not hurt.

"Miracles" in the Phone

You should alert the delay when you turn off the device, and restart the sudden spontaneous inclusion of its illumination.


If your phone is lying in closeproximity to the Speaker, interferes with, when you do not speak for him, is thoughtful. This may mean that the spy program has entered the relationship with another phone to transfer the data to it.

The sounds in the tube

When tapping the phone when youYou can clearly hear the tube various noises, sounds, and sometimes other people's voices. This is a sure sign that there is a special program.

long connection

If you notice that when you call someonethe connection is very long, and in the same way the separation was to hold for longer time, it is also a sign of wiretapping. This freeze is due to the fact that the program needs time to "drive a wedge" in conversations.

If you find at least one of the above symptoms, do not be lazy to show your phone specialist.

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