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How to understand that the phone is bugged


How to understand that the phone is bugged</a>

In Russia, only special services have the right to listen to citizens' phones, and only by a court decision. However, any person has the ability to do this in the presence of a special spyware program.

It usually resorts to competitors or jealous spouses.

How does the spyware program for wiretapping work?

The spyware must be installed on theThe phone of the person whose conversations you need to listen to. It is able not only to record telephone conversations, but also to intercept SMS messages, and then send them to the right addressee. Some programs are able to copy the contact book, transfer information about the location of the phone and give the opportunity to hear everything that is happening around it, even when it is not spoken. The spyware program turns the phone into a kind of "bug".

How to understand if a spyware program is installed on your phone

As a rule, such programs do not show themselves in any way. They are not easily detected, but there are certain signs that will help to indicate their presence.


The battery of the phone is too fast to lose its charge -One of the true signs that it has a spyware program installed on it. If the battery is always hot, it is also a bad sign. Naturally, the problem can also be covered in the device itself, especially if it is already over a year old. However, to check the phone for the presence of spyware in this case will not hurt.

"Miracles" in the phone

You should be alerted by the delay when turning off the device, a sudden reboot and the spontaneous activation of its backlight.


If your phone is in the immediateProximity from audiocolonies, creates disturbances, when you do not speak on it, it is worth pondering. This could mean that the spy program contacted the other phone to send the data to it.

Sounds in the tube

When you listen to the phone during a call, youYou can clearly hear in the tube a variety of extraneous noises, sounds, and sometimes other people's voices. This is a sure sign that there is a special program in it.

Long connection

If you notice that when someone callsConnection is established for a very long time, and in the same way disconnection began to take longer, this is also a sign of wiretapping. This hangup is explained by the fact that the program needs time to "wedge" into conversations.

If you find at least one of the above signs, do not be too lazy to show your phone to a specialist.

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