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How do you know my attitude to life


Man is always interesting to learn more about themselves, and it helps to make a variety of tests.

Even the most simple test passed informally to help a deeper understanding of his attitude to life.

words are used for this test:

From these words it is necessary to make a short story. Writing must be the first thing that comes to mind without thinking.
One condition: Do not read the test transcript below, that its result was more accurate.

Test Explanation:

Gardener - it's you. What is it? He loves his job? He takes care of the garden? He is trying to make something new? Or he is indifferent to the garden?

Garden - the world of gardening. If you are an extrovert, the garden symbolizes the outside world. For the introvert - is the inner world. Look - clean and well maintained garden or deserted and empty?

Bear - a symbol of the opposite sex. As you draw it in your story, and treat your man or your woman. Or just so unconsciously represent her (it) yourself.

Forest - a place where lives a Bear (opposite sex). If the forest is far away from you, then you are not guided in a relationship with a man (woman), or far from these relations.

Flowers - it's your mission, it's life. It is either work, or a hobby, or what you want. This is something important in life.

River - it's your life. What is it? Vibrant, deep, clean water, or quiet and smooth? Is it dirty and littered? You decide.

Key - a symbol of the relationship with the people. This is the method by which you open up the opposite sex and to solve problems. For example, if you do not know how to use the key in this story, then you do not know how to solve the problem at the moment.

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