How to find out about your penalty

How to find out about your penalty</a>

No matter how neat the ride, no one is immune from violations of traffic rules, so many car owners are interested in the question of how you can find out about your fines in the traffic police.

To date, there are several methods for obtaining information on arrears, each of which has its own characteristics.

You will need

  • - Phone-
  • - a computer.



You can find out about your fine from the employee himselfDPS. To do this, ask him to look at the database, do you have any debts. If they are available, he will necessarily inform you about this, since the traffic police is interested in ensuring that all written out fines are paid on time. This option is recognized as the easiest, but as is known, most drivers try to avoid personal meetings with patrol officers.


About your fines you can find out by personal visitThe department of traffic police, where one of the staff at your request can check whether you have debts. If they are found, you will be issued a new receipt, by which you can pay your fine on the spot or in the nearest branch of the Savings Bank.


If there is no time for a trip to the departmentYou can just call the traffic police. Employee, after you provide information about your documents, look at the database for all the information you need, and then you can tell if you have penalties for wrong driving.


You can find out about the penalty from a notification issued by a bailiff. It comes to every driver who did not pay his debt on time.


Each driver has the opportunity to learn aboutThrough their special fines through a special Internet service. For this you need only the driver's license number and the license plate of the car. The advantage of this method of obtaining the necessary information is to save time, since all operations are done without leaving your home or car, provided that you have internet in your phone.


You can find out about your penalties via SMSMessage. To do this, send a message to the short number 9112. In it, specify the following information: STSI (space) number of the vehicle (space) number of your driver's license. The cost of the message is 10 rubles.


To receive all the necessary information about fines issued for violation of traffic rules, you can also through the portal

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