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How do you know about your fine

How do you know about your fine

No matter how accurate or was riding, no one is safe from traffic violations, so many car owners are interested in the issue, as you can see its fine the traffic police.

To date, there are several methods of obtaining information on debts, each of which has its own characteristics.

You will need

  • - Phone-
  • - a computer.



Learn about your fine, you can have the employeeDPS. To do this, ask him to look at the base, whether you have any debts. If they are, he will definitely tell you about this, because the traffic is interested in the fact that all the prescribed fines were paid on time. This option is considered the most simple, but as you know, the majority of drivers try to avoid personal meetings with employees patrol.


On their fines can be found when you visitThe traffic police department, where one of the employees at your request can verify that you have debts. If they are detected, you will write a new ticket, on which you can place on or in the nearest branch of Sberbank to pay your fine.


When there is no time for a trip to the Department ofYou can simply call the traffic police. The employee, after you report details of their documents will look at the basis of all the necessary information for you, and then be able to tell whether you have penalties for improper driving.


Learn the fine can be from the notification, written out by the bailiff. It comes to every driver who failed to pay their debts on time.


Every driver has the opportunity to learn abouttheir fines through a dedicated Internet service. This requires only the number of driver's license and vehicle license plate. The advantage of this method of obtaining the necessary information is to save time, as all operations are doing without leaving your home or car, subject to the availability of the Internet in your phone.


Learn about your fines you via SMSmessage. To do this, please send a message to the short number 9112. It include the following information: the traffic police (space) vehicle number (space) your driver's license number. Posts costs 10 rubles.


Get all the necessary information on fines issued for violation of traffic rules, you can also through gosuslugi.ru portal.

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