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How do you evaluate the exam in mathematics

How to evaluate the exam in mathematics

To obtain a high school diploma in 2014, students have to pass two mandatory exam in the exam format in Russian language and mathematics.

Graduates need to exceed the minimum threshold of points to work was counted.

The number of points each year varies.

What you should know about the exam

In 2014, in order to overcome the minimum threshold of mathematics necessary to master all tasks and 5 score, as in the past 2013, no less than 24 points.
Tasks of the unified state exammathematics - control measuring materials (KIMy) - compiled in FIPI (Federal Institute for Education Measurement) on the basis of the material studied in the school course of mathematics, including algebra and geometry.
Examination papers in mathematics formatThe exam consists of parts B and C. Answers each part is estimated based on the complexity of the task. For example, the right solution for each of the tasks C1 and C2 estimated 2 points, more complex jobs C5 and C6 - already 4 points.
32 points - the maximum that is specified forexamination work in mathematics in 2014. The primary points are transformed into test. 32 primary test points are 100. Table primary transfer points in the math test will be only after the exam.
If you have set for yourself universities that require in-depth knowledge of mathematics, the job C5 and C6 are designed specifically for you, as they have an increased level of complexity.

How to check examination papers in mathematics exam format

Part B exam in 2014 in mathematics, as in the pastyears, plan to test the computer by scanning, so the graduate is very important to fill in the form on the responses clearly legible handwriting. Part C is estimated by experts of the existing teachers of mathematics independently. If the scores of the experts will vary more than 3 points, appoint a third expert. He will check the jobs, which do not find a compromise. Further forms of the scan results and scan sealed send to Moscow - in a single Test Center of the Ministry of Education.
It is important to know that a graduate may appeal in case of disagreement with the results of the exam. Just consider how it can be upwards and reduce the points to work.
There is a lot of myths about the exam, but if you have the knowledge and due diligence should not be afraid of him.

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