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How to determine that a person is worried


How to determine that a person is worried</a>

Excitement is an emotional state characterized by a feeling of anxiety, mental restlessness, or excitement.

It occurs in the moment of danger or, for example, a responsible situation.

As a rule, the excitement of a person is always noticeable, you just need to look at him carefully.



Pay attention to the voice of man and the manner of speech. In moments of excitement, the voice often trembles or breaks. Also, the timbre may change slightly - this is due to the fact that a person tries to control his voice. The worried speech becomes uncharacteristic for him - fast or, conversely, a little slow, with long pauses. During the conversation, the nervous interlocutor begins to swallow saliva more often.


Carefully consider the facial expression of a person. Signs of excitement on the face are: redness of the skin, lack of direct eye contact and a glance, more frequent blinking, increased pupils and swollen nostrils due to adrenaline rush. An agitated person can constantly cough, lick or nibble his lips, as a strong mental restlessness often causes dry mouth. And as a result of involuntary tension of the muscles of the face, cheekbones begin to play in the person, which is especially noticeable among the stronger sex.


Look at the hands of the interlocutor. If they are trembling, from time to time they clench their fists or sort out something - there is a worried person in front of you. As a rule, this happens unconsciously. However, frequent gestures can be just typical for a person, so only those who know the source of the conversation can be guided by this feature. Sometimes worried people try to hide their hands in pockets to hide their status from others and take a more confident pose.


Fast walking from side to side can alsoCharacterize the degree of human unrest. In most cases, this happens unconsciously, since it is quite difficult to sit still in moments of intense excitement.


Look at the human skin. When he is very nervous, the skin on the forehead and above the upper lip may become swollen. The same applies to the hands of a person who become wet and at the same time cold.

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