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How to determine that a person is worried

How to determine that a person is worried

Excitement - emotional state characterized by anxiety, psychic anxiety or excitement.

It arises in the moment of danger or, for example, a responsible situation.

As a rule, a person is always much excitement, just need to take a closer look at him.



Pay attention to the human voice and manner of speech. In moments of excitement or trembling voice often breaks down. Also, the tone may change slightly - this is due to the fact that the person is trying to control his voice. In fermenting it becomes uncharacteristic - fast or, conversely, a bit slow, with long pauses. During a call a nervous interviewee begins to increasingly swallowing.


Look carefully at the human facial expressions. Signs of excitement on the face are: redness of the skin, lack of direct eye contact and run view, more frequent blinking, an increase of pupils and nostrils because of the adrenaline rush. Worrying person may cough constantly, licking or biting the lips, as a strong emotional anxiety often cause dry mouth. As a result of involuntary tension of the facial muscles in humans are beginning to play the cheekbones, which is especially noticeable in the stronger sex.


Look at the hands of the interlocutor. If they are shaking from time to time is compressed into fists or sorted anything - before you worrying people. Typically, this happens unconsciously. However, frequent gestures may simply be typical for a person, so this feature can target only those who know the interlocutor. Sometimes people try to hide waving his hands in his pockets to hide their condition from others and take a more confident posture.


Brisk walking from side to side can alsocharacterize the degree of human disturbance. In most cases, this happens unconsciously, because to sit still in moments of strong emotion rather difficult.


Look at a person's skin. When he was very nervous, the skin on the forehead and the upper lip can be covered with sweat. The same applies to the human hand, which become wet and cold at the same time.

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