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How bracelets are called on the forearm and what are they for?

How bracelets are called on the forearm and what are they for?</a>

Indian culture has given the world a huge number of various ornaments that are firmly entrenched and rooted in the world of modern fashion.

It was India, with its numerous ornaments, that presented the women of fashion with a badge - a bracelet on the forearm.

Not everyone knows that the so-called bracelet bracelet, baajjband, or simply badzhu, which originally had the value of a certain amulet and covered almost all the forearm of a woman, came from India.


It is interesting that the badu was considered unchangedAttribute of the bride and married woman. During the wedding ceremony, this little thing was supposed to protect its owner from the evil eye and attacks of evil spirits.

He wore a badge for one or two hands at once and was considered a symbol of youth and beauty, an important element that emphasized the feminine essence.

It was considered almost indecent to appear onStreet without a huge number of bracelets that encircle the arm from shoulder to hand, the Hindus believed that absolutely all parts of the human body should be properly decorated, this promotes the correct distribution of energy flows in the human body, and therefore leads to complete harmony with the surrounding world and protects From evil spirits.

Combination of badge

Today, these bracelets are almost completelyThey lost their original meaning and are used by the inhabitants of India rather for a decorative purpose. However, the basic principles of culture have survived to this day: it is customary to wear a badge with a significant number of other ornaments, this is the basis of the official stylistics and traditions of this closed and mysterious country.

Badzhu, as a rule, are made of gold with the use of a large number of precious and semiprecious stones, designed to emphasize the perfection and beauty of the exterior of its owner.

In the modern fashion world, which has longBorrowed and introduced in everyday life exquisite bracelets bracelets, it is customary to make a badge from any, even non-precious materials. The only thing left of the Indian technique of making jewelry is its structure, which should not be integral. Strengthen it at a distance, approximately 10 to 15 centimeters above the elbow, and are worn with open clothing. Badzhu is suitable for women with beautiful forearms, regardless of age, the most important requirement for wearing this decoration is harmony with the toilet chosen for the occasion. You can wear a badge both in summer and in winter, because the sun decoration can lift the mood and make bright notes in the gray overcast everyday life.

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