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What is the name bracelets on his forearm, and what they do

How are called the bracelets on his forearm, and what they do

Indian culture has given the world a great variety of jewelry that are firmly established and entrenched in the world of contemporary fashion.

It was India, with its many ornaments presented fashionistas Budge - a bracelet on the forearm.

Not everyone knows that the so-called shoulder bracelet baadzhyuband, or just Baggio, who initially had the value of a talisman, and covered almost all the forearm women came from India.


Interestingly, Baggio was unchangedattribute of the bride and married women. During the wedding ceremony, this thing was to protect its possessor from the evil eye and the attacks of evil spirits.

Wear Baggio on one or two hands at once and considered a symbol of youth and beauty, an important element, emphasizing the feminine essence.

It was considered almost indecent to appear onthe street without a huge number of bracelets encircling arm from shoulder to wrist, Hindus believed that absolutely all parts of the human body must be properly decorated, it contributes to the proper distribution of energy flows in the human body, and thus, results in a complete harmony with the environment and protects from evil spirits.

The combination of Budge

Today, these bracelets almost completelyThey lost their original meaning and are used by most women-residents of India with a decorative purpose. However, the basic principles of culture are preserved to this day: Baggio decided to put on a significant number of other decorations, in this is the basis of the official style and traditions of this closed and mysterious country.

Budge, usually made of gold with a large number of precious and semi-precious stones, designed to highlight the beauty and perfection of appearance of its owner.

In today's world of fashion, which has longborrowed and brought in daily life the exquisite shoulder bracelets, Baggio made be made of any, even the base material. The only thing that remains of the Indian jewelry manufacturing technology, is its structure, which must not be solid. Mount it at a distance of about 10 to 15 centimeters above the elbow and worn with a revealing clothing. Budge suited to owners of beautiful forearms, regardless of age, the most important requirement to wear this jewelry is harmony with the occasion chosen to toilet. You can wear Budge both in summer and winter, because the sun decoration able to lighten the mood and make notes in vibrant gray cloudy weekdays.

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