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HOW do Yawar

How do Yawar

The situation in the city at night, the village can be uneasy. If you arrive late in the evening to return to work, study, you can keep in your pocket wooden self-defense weapon - Yawar.

Make it easy for yourself.

Yavara may be part of the collection of weapons and lie down home beauty. But if you need to protect yourself, then this thing will help.
Yawara is a kind of brass knuckles, which is held in the hand. It helps heavier blow. This instrument generally sharpened on one or both sides. This makes it even more dangerous.

The simplest Yawara - 2 samples

To create a strong January, using wood. We is oak, but the suit and others of a similar hardness. We need a timber, section 40x40 cm. Hacksaw to saw off part of it, which is equal to 15 cm.

Usually Yavari size -. 13-15 cm It depends on the individual hands and on what length of the object it easier to hold.

Thereafter, using a sharp knife ortools for carving, take off the extra thickness of the beam. Along the edges of the same thickness is left, and in the middle it should be 3 centimeters in diameter. The length of this part is to lay comfortably on her hand, bowing Yawar.
Middle or end products by means of a drillyou need to make a hole of 0.5 mm, thread the rope in it and tie the ends. If you want to put your hand between Yawar and rope and becomes a formidable self-defense weapon.
Now the object is polished using emerypaper. If he wanted to give a pronounced wood structure, lubricate Yawar iodine, then pen to draw veins, and then cover the subject of self-varnish and let it dry.
Second Yawara is too simple. It has a rectangular shape with bevelled ends. For this wooden bar planed so that it becomes a rectangular shape, with sides 2 and 3 cm in length -. 13-15 cm.
Now, using the hacksaw on the close of businessslants and drill - the hole in the middle or near the end of the object. Like the previous case, it is passed through the rope, Yawara polished and lacquered on request.

A more sophisticated version

Attention! Although the law on rules of carrying bladed weapons of January until nothing is said, but it should only be subject to justifiable protection rather than attack or part of a home collection.

After simple examples it is clear you can do for the collection and more complex. First the length of an object (13 or 15 cm).
As in the first example is made of timberpreform diameter throughout its length should be equal to 3 cm Pencil When assistance is needed to mark on the workpiece for small depressions toes and part -. beauty and convenience. They - 4-6. The width of the grooves is such that it was convenient to the hand of the individual. Usually it is small - 0.5-2 cm portion of the article between the grooves can be given a round shape..
One end yanvrya semicircular, the other - pointed. It is handled the same way as in the previous cases.

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