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How to wrap text in Word


How to wrap text in Word</a>

Wrapping text in Word is realized by selecting a graphic object and executing the "Position" command on the "Arrange" tab.

Certain features are available in the process of wrapping text around tables, as well as when implementing the specified procedure in different versions of the program.



To implement text wrapping in Word,Select in the program a drawing, a graphic object around which you need to perform this operation. If this object is on the canvas, then all the canvas should be selected. Then you need to click the "Format" tab, which in Word 2007 is in the "Arrange" group. On the specified tab, you must click the "Position" button, and then select the interesting variant of wrapping the text from the methods suggested by the program.


If necessary, make the flow around the text aroundTables in Word 2007, you will need to select a table, then go to the "Table Tools" group, click on the "Layout" tab. Then select the "Properties" command in the "Table" group, which will lead to the conclusion of several variants of text wrapping. From the proposed methods, you need to select the "Around" item. To make additional changes to the layout of the table in relation to the text, you can use the "Placement" button in the "Text wrapping" group. This function is needed when you want to change the distance between the outer borders of the table and the text.


Word wrapping operation in Word 2010Is realized by selecting a graphic, a graphic object in the document, selecting a contextual tool tab, which can vary depending on the object being inserted. So, to work with photos, you should go to the "Working with drawings" tab, and for the auto-figure - "Drawing tools". On the selected tab, go to the group "Arrange", select "Wrap text". After that, you can choose a specific method of flow, depending on the needs of the user.


If the user wants to insert a picture in theThe specific place of the existing text with the flow, then the corresponding operation in the Word 2010 program is performed by highlighting the image in the document and repeating the actions described above. At the final stage, in the "Arrange" group, click the "Position" button, after which the program will prompt you to select the place where the picture will be placed. It should be noted that the option "In the text" will not allow you to make a full flow, because in this case the picture is automatically located in the middle of the text located above and below the inserted object. That's why for flow around the picture you should choose other items from the list offered by the program.

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