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HOW do whatnot from saucers

How to make a bookcase of saucers

Bookcase - a very useful thing in the economy.

It turns out that it can be made with your own hands.

I offer you the option of saucers.

You will need

  • - Saucers of different sizes - 2 piece-
  • - A metal pin 6 mm-diameter
  • - Wood Beads - 8 piece-
  • - Glue "Super Epoxy" -
  • - drel-
  • - Drill bit diameter 6 mm-glass
  • - Hacksaw.



Replace the drill drill glass, scheduleCenter saucer, and then start to drill a hole at low speed, it does not forget how to cool the drill bit and the surface of dishes. The same must be done with the second saucer.


The beads using a drill should be drilledholes. This should be done not at all, and only 5, and the last to be drilled is not completely, but only up to the middle, as it will be in tip whatnot.


From metal studs need to cut off a segment of the desired length. Then the resulting segment with an adhesive glue bead drilled.


On a metal pin Push large saucer and fix it on top of another wooden beads with glue.


Three reamed not need to stick to the beadsthe bottom of a large saucer at the same distance. If the stability of the future prevents the lower shelves reamed bead, just saw off the part that prevents it.


Next Push and glue onto the metal pin another wood bead, which will be a support for a small saucer. It should be approximately in the middle of the stud.


In just attached bead Pushsmall saucer, and then fix it as the first one, that is another wooden piece. It remains only to fix the tip of our crafts. Shelves ready!

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