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How to make a bookcase of saucers


How to make a bookcase of saucers</a>

A shelf is a very useful thing in the household.

It turns out that you can make it yourself.

I'm offering you an option from saucers.

You will need

  • - saucers of different sizes - 2 pieces-
  • - metal stud with a diameter of 6 mm-
  • - Wooden beads - 8 pcs-
  • - glue "Super-Epoxy" -
  • - drill-
  • - drill on glass with a diameter of 6 mm-
  • - hacksaw for metal.



Install a drill bit on the drill, markCenter saucer, then start drilling the hole at low speed, while do not forget to cool both the drill and the surface of the dishes. The same must be done with the second saucer.


In beads with the help of a drill you need to drillHoles. Do this not at all, but only at 5, and the latter should not be drilled completely, but only to the middle, as it will be the tip in the bookcase.


From a metal hairpin it is necessary to saw off an interval of the necessary length. Then glue a drilled bead on the resulting piece with glue.


On a metal hairpin, plant a large saucer and fix it on top of another wooden bead with glue.


Three non-reamed beads need to be glued toThe bottom of a large saucer at the same distance. If the stability of the next shelf is hampered by the bottom drilled bead, then simply cut off from it the part that hinders.


Next, plant and glue on a metal hairpin another wooden bead, which will be the support for a small saucer. It should be located approximately at the middle of the hairpin.


On the newly attached bead plantA small saucer, and then fix it, like the first, that is, another wooden piece. It remains only to fix the tip of our craft. The floor is ready!

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