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How to make a well


How to make a well</a>

A well in a private house or at a dacha is an absolute necessity and an element that lends charm to the surrounding landscape.

Even if you have a well, a well may be needed in case of unforeseen situations. To hire a team to equip a well is quite expensive.

Any strong man on the shoulder can cope with this task independently.

You will need

  • Shovel with short handle, reinforced concrete well rings, bucket, granite rubble, clay, timber, sand-cement blocks, roof boards, log, metal handle for the handle, chain.



First, decide where yourwell. To do this, it is necessary to find out where the ground waters come closest to the ground. After all, you yourself can dig a hole no deeper than 4-6 meters. So gather information about where the water is coming to the surface. You can ask old residents, or you can arm yourself with a vine.
When the place is selected, you can start digging. It must be done together - one digs, the other insures it from above. When the pit becomes a meter deep and a meter in diameter, it is necessary to roll a ring on the pit. It will sink deeper under its weight, but it is better to jump on it together to get better. The ring should be checked by vertical plumb. If there is a deviation, you need to correct it with a shovel, digging up the soil in the right place.

How to make a well


The deeper you go, the slowerWill go business. The second meter will take at least half a day. Put the rings one on top of the other, correct the deviations with crowbar, hammer the eyes of the wire on the rings with a sledgehammer. When the well reaches three meters in depth, tie yourself by the belt with a rope, and the other end secure on the surface. Also adjust the bucket on the rope to quickly scoop up the emerging water.

How to make a well


When the well is dug and drained all the muddyWater, we must fill the bottom of the well with rubble from granite. The layer should be at least 10 centimeters. Such a measure is needed to ensure that when the bucket is filled with water, the turbidity from the bottom does not get into it.
There may be cracks between the rings of the well. They must be sealed with clay so that no water seeps through them from outside. Remove the primer around the upper ring. The distance to the depth should be about 50 centimeters, around - the same. On the place where the soil was, put the clay, tamp it. Clay will hold water from the surface, it will not pass inside the well.
After this, you can make the above-ground part of the well- frame. Here everything depends on your imagination. You can support the frame on the racks of the bar, you can use sand cement blocks for the base. The gate is made of logs. It is drilled through and inserted a metal pin for the handle. It is better to fasten the chain in the middle. Do not forget about the roof, which will protect the well from the rain.

How to make a well

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