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How well do

How well do

Well in a private home or in the country - it is an absolute necessity, and the element that gives beauty of the surrounding landscape.

Even if you have a well, the well may be needed in case of emergencies. Hiring a team for arranging the well is quite expensive.

Any strong man's shoulder to deal with this problem on their own.

You will need

  • The shovel with a short handle, reinforced concrete well ring, pail, crushed granite, clay, timber, peskotsementnye blocks, boards for the roof, timber, metal pin to handle chain.



To begin, decide where you will be stayingwell. For this we need to know where in the most suitable groundwater close to the ground. After all, their own can not dig a hole deeper than 4-6 meters. So gather information about where the water comes to the surface. You can ask around the old-timers, or to equip the vine.
When the location is selected, you can start digging. This should be done together - one digs, the other insures its top. When the pit will meter deep and a meter in diameter, it is necessary to roll to the hole ring. It settles deep under its own weight, but it is better to jump on it together to better settled. Sediment rings should be checked using the plumb line on the vertical. If there is a deviation, it is necessary to correct a shovel, digging the ground in the right place.

How well do


The deeper you go, the slowerwill go to work. The second meter will take at least half a day. Put a ring on each other, correct deviations crowbar, hammer hammer lugs of wire rings. As well reach three meters in depth, tie himself with a rope for a belt, and the other end to fix on the surface. Also fit a bucket on a rope to quickly bail out the emerging water.

How well do


When a well is dug and scooped all muddywater, it is necessary to fill the bottom of the pit with gravel of granite. The layer should be at least 10 centimeters. Such a measure is necessary to ensure that when filling a bucket with water in it did not get the dregs from the bottom.
Between rings of the well may be left slot. They must be repaired using clay to them through the water is not seeping out. Remove the soil around the top ring. The distance in the depth should be about 50 centimeters, around the - same. At the place where the soil, put the clay, tamp it. Clay delay water from the surface, it will not pass into the well.
You can then make the aboveground part of the well- Frame. It all depends on your imagination. You can rely on the rack frame of the timber, it can be used peskotsementnye blocks for the foundation. The collar is made of logs. It drilled through and inserted a metal pin for the handle. The chain is better to strengthen the middle. Do not forget about the roof that will protect the well from the rain.

How well do

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