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How to make a weathercock from improvised materials?


On the weather vane it is convenient to predict the direction of the wind</a>

Weathercocks have been placed on the roofs of homes since ancient times.

These devices are convenient in that they allow you to determine and predict the movement of the wind.

From the variety of modern weather vanes is breathtaking.

On the roofs of the houses you can see a variety of weathercocks, differing in design and complexity of manufacturing. Elementary weathercock can be made from the most improvised materials.

The weathervane indicates the direction from which the wind is blowing. If the wind blows from the north, then the weathervane will point north.

Weathercock from a simple pencil and a straw for a cocktail

You will need:
- a simple pencil with an eraser on the end-
- Straw cocktail-
- Heavy paper-
- pin-
- glue-
- marker-
- plastic or cardboard beaker.

How to make a weathervane

Cut each end of the straw so thatTwo longitudinal slits were obtained. Cut out two triangles from thick paper. Insert them into the notches in the straw. One triangle is an arrow, and the other is a tail. The "arrow" will be inserted into the notches by the base, and the "tail" - the vertex of the triangle. Secure the triangles with glue.
Insert a pin into the pencil eraser, piercing itA straw right through the middle. Straw must rotate freely. Insert the pencil into a plastic or cardboard beaker. Secure the pencil with glue. At the bottom of the glass, glue a square of thick paper. Mark compass directions on it. Now you can go outside and see where the wind blows from.

Simple and small weathercocks are put on lawns, attached to baby carriages so that during walks in the wind the child could observe how the device spins.

Weathervane from plastic bottle with sand

You will need:
- a bottle with a lid-
- a square of thick paper 20 by 20 cm-
- a square of thick paper 5 by 5 cm-
- 2 thin wooden sticks, for example, for shish kebabs, 5 cm longer than the bottle-
- pencil and thread-
- 1 cup of sand-
- scissors.

How to make a weather vane

Fill the bottle with earth. Tie the sticks at a right angle 5 cm from the end. Draw a triangle of 5 by 5 cm on a small square of paper. Cut it out. Glue the triangle to one of the short ends of the stick so that it looks in the opposite direction from the cross. This is the arrow of the weathervane.
Make a hole in the lid. Tighten the bottle cap. Insert the long end of the stick without the arrow into it. Immerse the end of the wand in the sand.
The wand should not get stuck, but spin freely. At each end of the cardboard box write compass directions.
Put on the ground a large square in the rightDirections. They need to be known, then to determine the movement of the wind. To determine the directions, use the compass. Observe the movement of the arrow. It shows where the wind blows.

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