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HOW do weathervane of the materials at hand?

According to a weather vane is convenient to predict the direction of the wind

Weathervanes are placed on rooftops for a long time.

These devices are convenient because they allow you to define and predict the movement of the wind.

From the diversity of modern weathervanes breathtaking.

On the roofs of the houses you can see a variety of weather vanes, different design and manufacturing complexity. Elementary vane can make the most out of scrap materials.

Weathervane indicates the direction from which the wind is blowing. If the wind blows from the north, the weather vane will point to the north.

Weathervane from a simple pencil and cocktail straws

You will need:
- A simple pencil with eraser on kontse-
- Straw for kokteylya-
- Dense bumaga-
- bulavka-
- Klein
- marker
- Cardboard or plastic cup.

How to make a weather vane

Separate the each end of the straw so thatIt received two longitudinal slots. From construction paper, cut two triangles. Insert them into the incisions in the straw. One triangle - a hand and a second tail. "Arrow" is inserted into the incision base, and the "tail" - the triangle apex. Attach the triangles with glue.
Insert the pencil eraser pin pierced herstraw through the middle. Straw should rotate freely. Insert the pencil into the plastic or cardboard cup. Attach a pencil with an adhesive. At the bottom of the glass glue a square of construction paper. Check it compass directions. Now you can go out and see where the wind blows.

Simple and small pinwheels put on lawns, attached to strollers, so while walking with the wind child could watch as the device rotates.

Weather vane of a plastic bottle filled with sand

You will need:
- A bottle of kryshkoy-
- A square of thick paper 20 to 20 cm
- A square of construction paper 5 by 5 cm
- Two thin wooden sticks, for example, barbecue, 5 cm longer Bottles-
- Pencil and nit-
- 1 cup peska-
- Scissors.

Instructions for the production of a weather vane

Fill the bottle land. Tie rods at a right angle at a distance of 5 cm from the end. Draw a small square of paper triangle 5 by 5 cm. Cut it out. Glue the triangle on one of the short ends of the stick so that he was looking in the opposite direction from the cross. This arrow weathervane.
Do the hole in the lid. Tighten the bottle cap. Insert into it the long end of the stick without an arrow. Dip the end of the stick in the sand.
The stick should not get stuck and turn around freely. At each end of the cardboard square write the compass directions.
Lay on the ground a large square in the rightdirections. They need to know in order to then determine the movement of the wind. To determine the direction using a compass. Watch the movement of the arrows. It will show where the wind blows.

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