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How to make under the cut

Cat - from the English "cut" - a blog feature that allows you to hide most of the text message.

As a result, only the headers and message announcements are displayed on the first page of the blog, and open the full text click on the link "Read more" or similar.

Each blog platform uses a specific code to hide the text of a cat.



Two types Katov used in LJ. Standard Tags: & lt-lj-cut & gt-hidden text & lt- / lj-cut & gt- - instead of the trimmed text will display the inscription: "Read more" in brackets. If you plan to insert another word, use tags: & lt-lj-cut text = & quot-Your Text & quot- & gt-Hidden text & lt- / lj-cut & gt-.


Message blogoservise Ya.ru possible to issue such tags: & lt-cut & gt-text under & lt khat- / Cut & gt-. The word "More" will be displayed this case, on the home page. If you want to use another word, expand the tag to a combination of: & lt-cut text = & quot-display text & quot- & gt-text under & lt khat- / Cut & gt-.


If you do not get along with the language of HTML, arrange cat in H.pv is possible and through the visual editor. To do this, select the appropriate mode of communication open mode "On registration". Select "Insert Box." Select the text you want to remove a cat, and click the command "Insert Box." In the insert the text to be displayed on the announcement page. Click the command "see what happens" or "Publish".


Other services the principle of working with the cutsimilar. If you can not find or choose HTML-codes to Kathu visually understand incomparably easier. Use functions with corresponding names.

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