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How to make under a cat


How to make under a cat</a>

Cut - from English "cut" - the function of the blog, which allows you to hide most of the text of the message.

As a result, the first page of the blog displays only the headers and announcements of messages, and full texts are opened by clicking the link "Read more" or the like.

Each blog platform uses a certain code to hide the text under the cut.



In LJ, two types of cats are used. Tags of the standard: & lt-lj-cut & gt-hid text & lt- / lj-cut & gt- - instead of the cropped text, "Read more" in brackets will be displayed. If you plan to insert another word, use the tags: & lt-lj-cut text = & quot-Your text & quot; & gt-Hidden text & lt- / lj-cut & gt-.


The message on blog.ru Ya.ru can be issued by such tags: & lt-cut & gt-Text for Cat & lt; lt- / cut & gt-. In this case, the word "More" will be displayed on the start page. If you want to use a different word, extend the tags before such a combination: & lt-cut text = & quot-display text & quot; & gt-Text for Cat & lt; lt- / cut & gt-.


If you do not get along with the HTML language, place the cat in Ya.You can also use the visual editor. To do this, select the appropriate message type, open the "With design" mode. Select the option "Insert frame". Highlight the text that you want to remove under the cut, and click the "Insert frame" command. In the box, insert the text that will be displayed on the announcement page. Click the command "View what happens" or "Publish".


In other services, the principle of working with a catIs similar. If you can not find or pick up HTML-codes for a coil, it's incomparably easier to understand in a visual editor. Use functions that have corresponding names.

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